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Wind Speed Relative To Drone Weight

I have flown MM3 in wind over 25mph. Not far nor high, but it works between 25 and 30. Check mfgr rating. I think it's rated above 35 mph. A kilometer is aprox .6 miles.

  • Mavic 3?
  • Mini 3?
  • Mavic Max3? Soon to be released model. 230 gm, 54 mph, 7K video @120fps, 36 MP, 1x-10X optical zoom, 65 minute flight time, 8" RC Pro+, 360-degree OA. $999.99.
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Check mfgr rating. I think it's rated above 35 mph.
There is no manufacturer rating.
Perhaps you are confused by what DJI call the Max Wind Resistance, which is 10.5 metres/sec (24 mph).
As pointed out a few posts back, DJI's Max Wind resistance doesn't mean anything.
Saying that a drone works in 25, 35 or 45 mph winds doesn't mean much either.
But a drone "works" in any wind.
Flying in windy conditions is more complicated than just a single number.
To know what's safe for flying requires consideration of how much you run the battery down, how far you fly and how the wind direction will affect your flight home.
Flying against any wind will slow your drone.
If you fly too far downwind, a wind that only half the amx speed of your drone could be too much to get the drone home again.
We know all of this already.
You might, but the post I responded shows that not every one does.
So far you haven't added anything positive to this thread and your posts just seem to be trolling.
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