Watch out for yaw (or RC control) glitch

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    On my maiden flight at 57 seconds into flight the Mavic received 100% left yaw for about half a second. This input was not me (certain - have own and fly phantom 3). The aircraft and controller were running latest version 01.02.0900 firmware. I did calibrate stick and IMUs from cold. I forgot to d a compass calibration at site BUTsticks show 100% left yaw at 57 seconds so not a compass issue. Flew 5 more flight without issue. Suspect there may still be instability issue with firmware (probably in transmitter given stick movement is seen on playback. Flight logs uploaded to Dropbox. ... _%5B15-14-25%5D.txt

    Can provide logs from Mavic if required but these are large files.

    In summary - am a bit concerned but in this case no long term loss of control.
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