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Recent content by mapwd1702

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    Do the MA2 Batteres Require Updates ?

    I received a message to update one battery so far out of the three, wondering why the others didn’t need updating
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    Best MA2 case

    I bought this monster at Harbor Freight for $50.
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    The Fly app blows!!!!! I want Go 4 back!!!!
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    They told me the same thing. Said as soon as I get an email saying it has shipped, then the cancel option will work again. Or once it arrives, to return it to a store, no restocking fee due to a delay
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    Your experience with the Mavic Air 2

    I flew mine today finally!!!! Very impressive!! This is my 4th DJI drone and this is the best. I however am very disappointed with the DJI Fly app!!!!! Why can’t we use Go4?!?! This app has no ability to livestream to FB!!!! WTF????
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    Best buy completely screwed me!!!!! I ordered on the 2nd, just received message that it has been delayed until the 18th!!! Meanwhile, their website says if I order today I can have one tomorrow for extra overnight shipping!!! So, they are not out, they just don’t want to ship mine free of...
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    Again, no you cannot
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    No it cannot
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    Calling BB customer service is USELESS!! He could not provide anymore information than what I already have! Infact, because it still says GETTING IT READY, he says “unfortunately there may end up being a delay on your order”!!! Now I’m pissed! I ordered long before those that already have...
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    MA2 from Best Buy

    My status says ARRIVING TOMORROW but it also still says “getting it ready” . I also have not received any tracking number or notification of a delivery arriving tomorrow from any carrier
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    Your Mavic Air 2 Order Status!

    Same here!!!!! I ordered on the 2nd, the money has now left my account, but says preparing, yet others here that ordered on the 7th are getting theirs today!!!!!! What a bunch of BS
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    Your Mavic Air 2 Order Status!

    I ordered mine on the 2nd!!! I haven’t even got confirmation that it’s shipped
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    Your Mavic Air 2 Order Status!

    My money for the drone I ordered from BB left my account today. Ordered on May 2nd. Haven’t received a shipped notice yet.
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    Where did you order your Mavic Air 2 from and why?

    Just ordered mine from Best Buy, says will arrive by 5/11, we will see. Also ordered a 128gb card. Free shipping
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    Frustrated and Quit before I even started

    I was going to ask how the heck he received a MA2 already!!! I call bs