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Recent content by MChittum

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    Amazing Bali, DJI Mavic Air

    Beautiful scenery!
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    W hen left alone, nature always reclaims it's space. Great video.
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    Incident with angry neighbor

    It wasn't her that used these expletives!
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    Flights from a Yacht

    Nice subjects in the video but dizzineass is a factor too many times!
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    Hello from Georgia USA!

    Columbus/Ft Benning here. I have to get clearance from DJI, too! It's is such a hassle. I had to get letters from ATC and submit it along with other forms to DJI.
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    I had thought the same thing about the grass!
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    Check out this MP2 distance test

    A very interesting video of pushing the Mavic to it's limit. You were lucky to get it back at 0 battery life. It must be nice to be in a spot (elevated) that allows you to fly your drone out further.
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    One can only wonder what happened here. It looks like a retirement community--with the clothes lines and several homes with ramp access. Eerie for sure. Thanks for posting.
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    Blurred Photographs

    Props should have no resistance at all. Something is amiss here.
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    Mavic Pro Photo

    I looked at mine--sorry that I can't send a picture, but yours looks ok. The little leg on the left side should just rest on the shiny black surface. There is a tiny gap to the right of this leg which is correct. Hope you find what it wrong with your Mavic.
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    Crazy Pilot....Take Off & Landing

    The following is an excerpt that I found when I goggled ADAC. To explain the situation: This is not "some guy in Germany" but a highly trained pilot in a rescue helicopter. This helicopter is called in when a patient needs to be transferred to a special or far away hospital or when a doctor is...
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    Crazy Pilot....Take Off & Landing

    That pilot is good. Flying in a city that I lived in when I was in high school.
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    I have been using the Apple iPad Mini 4 with great results. I have never had an issue with it. I have the Mavic Pro.
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    Hey from South Georgia

    Hello from Columbus, Ga. You will get lots of good information on this site. Welcome and Happy Flying!
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    Okay What was it??

    My guess is an arrow. Shot from someone in the tree line trying to hit your drone!