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Recent content by RazorDave

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    Hello from SW Missouri

    Welcome from NW Ar. Beautiful country. Done some flying in your area.
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    Building confidence with my mavic 2 zoom

    I had two worries: 1) Me. Was I going to crash the drone into something or panic and damage it. That just takes airtime to know what you're doing and build your "drone brain". Leave it in P mode and let the sensors help you 2) The drone itself. Was this thing going to malfunction and...
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    New in Texas/Arkansas

    Welcome from NW Arkansas
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    WTB: CrystalSky 7.85 or 5.5

    Pm sent
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    Strange Appendage on Platinum . . .

    Looks like a water float for emergency landings on water
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    Crystalsky or not

    Have you tried a mav mount? Thats the one I prefer and it works pretty well, even balances
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    Crystalsky or not

    I have both. I strongly prefer iOS but the CrystalSky is amazing for sunny days. I have the 7.85" High brightness and love it. My brain doesn't work with android though.
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    Tulsa Oklahoma

    Welcome from NW Arkansas
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    Suitable tablet

    DJI Approved Tablets Also here
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    Terrific stuttering... what do I miss??

    First, great shots... beautiful Are you using a UHS Class 3 card like this one: Sandisk Extreme MicroSD
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    drone shacking

    An ND filter may cut down on the shadow effect, if the compass and gimbal recal doesn't fix it.
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    Strong aircraft inderference

    Glad I'm not alone on this one.
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    Need help with cables

    Unhook the stock controller cable from the left side of the controller. That will enable the bottom USB port to work. Also don't cheap out on your cable. I was having connection issues with my CS 7.85 until I bought an actual quality cable and all is well. The cheapest one on Amazon isn't...
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    New Member - Long Time Drone Pilot

    Thanks everyone!
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    IMU Calibration

    I have to recalibrate my Mavic 2 Zoom every time I start to fly as well. Seemed to happen with the last firmware update. Its not a bad thing to do it, just somewhat annoying.