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Recent content by Sevier456

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    Mavic vs. winter weather

    Okay thanks have you operated in below freezing ?
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    Mavic vs. winter weather

    Headed up toward Canada for a snowmobiling trip. Wanted to bring the MP any or familiar with flying in cold tempertures, and if so what is the coldest you flew in and for how long ??
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    Flying Mavic Pro Inside Auditorium with 600 People?

    Dude this is pretty stupid. This is when **** hits the fan. Everyone crashes there drone it happens. Your increasing the percentage of mistakes that can occur. Your mishaps effect everyone on the sticks(with a drone)
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    I am on the Fence

    Every drone has its flaws the mavic is a well engineered drone, I can guarantee any other drone you buy will have similar glitches.
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    Protecting Platinum Prop Tips on your Mavic?

    I take them off and put my drone in the dji bag
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    NEW DJI Goggles RE

    We love you Bruce
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    Mavic VS. Inspire series

    I have a Mavic pro looking at the inspire. What is the advantages of having the inspire. What’s that thing that would make someone get the inspire rather then the mavic? Is the camera that much better ??
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    SOLD: Polar Pro DJI Mavic Filter Cinema Series 6-Pack

    I’ll give you 100 bucks
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    Partial Trade your Mavick for Inspire 1 or 2

    Also have a 32in Landing pad and sun shade for the phone and a set of ND polar pro filters
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    Partial Trade your Mavick for Inspire 1 or 2

    Why are you looking to trade ??also have the new low noise platinum props
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    Long island

    In flushing meadow park there is a air Field you could fly at. There is a huge cemeteries one way and the words fair like in the picture the other way. I’ve been there a few times on the weekends and I’ve never had a Problem also there was always 2 other people flying
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    Long island

    Where abouts do you fly do you have any pics of good spot?
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    Long island

    Hey how’s it going I’m matt live in Suffolk Long Island. I usually fly over at flushing meadow corona park. Do you have any good spot around you?
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    Long island

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    Is everyone upgrading to the Platinum props?

    The hype was big they look cool as hell but I was expecting to be a touch quieter while up in the air but I guess I was wrong lol they look cool that’s it