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  1. P

    What is the wire color of the TX/RX Antenna and RX Antenna on the RC231 DJI controller mother board?

    Dear DJI support team, I want to ask 1 question about antenna on RC231 DJI Controller: What is the wire color of the TX/RX Antenna and RX Antenna on the RC231 DJI controller? Antenna TX/RX: white, Antenna RX: Black? I attached the image of mother board.
  2. V

    Interference between radio controller and drone

    Morning, all! I 'm new to flying drones and I've recently got a DJI mini 2. I haven't flown it yet, but I've done some online searches so to learn more about drones, and it has made me come up with some questions regarding to flying drones safely and carefully. My questions are related to...
  3. minipilotmda

    Most desirable new feature

    I would love to know what features advanced (any drone ability level) drone enthusiasts are looking forward to on the next big drone leap forward? For me, I would love to see DJi adopt the hot swap batteries. Sound crazy? Tell me what you think.
  4. Martyc6

    Air 2s #Air2s. A little video I shot, any tips would be great. Thank you

    what do you guys think of this video, used the Air2s! with a nd4 filter. A "Fall" in Lockport
  5. kesteloo

    DJI Mini 3 Pro listed online: 4K/60 fps, 48 MP, 47 minutes of flight time

    The DJI Mini 3 Pro has appeared prematurely on the website of the Dutch retailer TopRC, including the most important specifications. According to the product page, the Mini 3 Pro will have a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor with support for HDR video. Video recordings are possible in 4K resolution at 60...
  6. Cristian


    Sigo experimentando con mis drones DJI para buscar nuevas posibilidades artísticas en filmaciones para #pastudio. De paso me divierto MUCHO!! Hope you...
  7. cgmaxed

    Why I am done buying DJI's drones. DJI Nanny Drones can become a brick.

    I have the mini 1, Mav 2 pro, mav 2 zoom, and mav air 2. I like them very much, but I don't appreciate having , what i call, A NANNY DRONE that can become a brick. The fact that their software will ground you, regardless if it's right or wrong about air space restrictions is one reason. The...
  8. J

    No flight zones phantom 3

    Hi all so I’m a newbie to the drone life and thought I’d join here :) I know there’s reasons there’s flight limits etc but has anybody successfully been able to lift limits or modify their litchi or dji app? I’ve read a lot of conflicting things. Is there really a way to lift no flight limits on...
  9. U

    Unnecessary restrictions

    DJI is ruining the hobby with their ridiculous restrictions, even in areas where the uav forcast says ok to fly, faa says ok to fly, fcc says ok to fly but yet DJI says you need to ask for permission and restrict the drone drastically. To make matters worse we all know when we are flying it is...
  10. R

    Mavic Mini return to the remote location

    Hello everyone, Its been 5 weeks I got my mavic mini. I love all the features and functionality of mavic mini. However, i was trying to make a video while riding a car. Surprisingly, after every 49 ft the drone would stop and give a warning sigh “ maximum altitude reached return home” it was...
  11. droneofarc

    Litchi App

    Is the litchi app worth the money? What is the difference between it and DJI GO 4 app?
  12. Invincible Storm Films

    Mavic 2 Pro falls out the sky ?

    On October 13 2019 while flying my Mavic 2 Pro up at the mountains in up state New York flying over the Hudson River my Mavic 2 all of a sudden lost power, fell from roughly 150ft, under 450 ft distance away from me and with about 62% battery power left. I received no warning, power was just...