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  1. T

    "Before You Fly" problem.

    I have the Air 3 with the RC 2 and I've updated to the latest firmware. When I tap on "Before You Fly" it comes up with this bar as shown in the image below. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks.
  2. B

    mini 3 pro - firmware and dji account

    Hello all , I have just purchased a dji mini 3 pro , and have not made a flight with it yet . I was actually hoping to receive a DJI RC with firmware .100 , but sadly (?) it is .300 out of the box already . I think this is too high to be able to apply the FCC mod ? The firmware of the...
  3. P

    New firmware update V01.01.1600 US Remote ID (27-Sep-2023)

    The firmware downloaded today, haven't installed yet. I still don't see Air 2 on the RID DOC list, is that supposed to happen at some point?
  4. M

    Air2S not taking off, Flymode not changeable, Sensors "not able"

    Hello and good day to all, I'm new here and I have the same problem: Problem: My Air2s no longer takes off. She came back from the flight, was stowed and retrieved. Nothing has changed in between. The start log shows no errors, it says "ready to start" in the check. The flight mode is...
  5. D

    DJI Mavic Air 2, can somebody point me to a list of current hacks and useful apps?

    Hi, I tried to untangle this too many times, however every time I try to comb thru all this info I get lost. a. I'd like to know which firmware downgrading options are available for DJI Mavic Air 2 (firmware version 01.01.0920) to version 01.01.0610, or if there are other options available to...
  6. R

    Mini 3 pro Gimbal Calibration after new gimbal replacement.

    I got mini 3 pro and replaced its gimbal. Now when I previously replaced it, I did firmware refresh and it automatically got calibrated and was perfectly fine. Now this time no firmware refresh is working and there is no way to calibrate it like how we used to do in Mavic 2 pro, Air2/s. Anybody...
  7. WanderLost

    Where/how to check online for Firmware updates

    I've tried online searches, here and on the DJI site and I can't find a list of firmware downloads. I'm used to computer and electronic equipment updates where I can check the firmware versions on my equipment and then check online to see if I have the latest versions installed. I'm also used to...
  8. J

    not be able to degrade firmfare of dji mini2 from 01.06.0200

    I'm trying to degrade my dji mini 2 from current fimware to lower firmware.
  9. D

    Firmware 01.00.0790

    Just did a firmware update to 01.00.0790 on my M2Z. Does anyone know what was updated? I can't find anything about the update in the internet and it's been out since September. Thanks,
  10. J

    Installed new main board, gimball ribbon cable, and esc to main flat cable. Now mini has tons of lost

    Ok soil crashed my mavic mini. Had to replace the motherboard, the gimbal ribbon cable. And the ribbon cable connecting the esc to the motherboard. After I got it all installed I tried turning the drone on and I'm getting every error in the book popping up and the drone won't do its boot...
  11. 2

    DJI mini2 Flash the firmware

    My DJI Mini2 (current firmware: 01.05.0000) cannot be flashed into the firmware, it always prompts to try again,and red or yellow lights how can I solve it?
  12. A

    mavic 3: firmware version from the box

    Hi guys, Does anyone know whether the date of manufacture affects the firmware version that comes by default out of the box? I mean if I buy mavic 3 that was made august 2022 does it mean that it will have .800 firmware version out of the box? or what version it’s gonna be? thank you!
  13. S

    DJI Fly taking up 10 gig

    I'm running out of internal storage on my tablet, and in my settings it says dji fly is using 10.46 gig of space. Anyone heard of something like this, and is their anyway to fix it. Also, it says I needed to update Fly, which I did, and it says there's a new firmware update available, but I...
  14. K

    Firmware 01.03.0500

    Hello @all, could someone please supply me the .bin for Mini 2 (Aircraft)? I can't downgrade anymore because of an unsuccessful attempt. As I don't want to upgrade to 01.04.0000 -> need something between 01.03.0500 and 01.04.0000. My Mini 2 is @ 01.03.0500 at the moment but it has a...
  15. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Testing out the new Mavic 3 firmware

    This is by no means a thorough review of the new firmware, I mostly just tested out the major new features such as Quickshots.
  16. T

    Firmware Update alert every time I change the battery in my Air 2

    Air 2 firmware 01.01.0700: SC firmware 01.01.0064: GoFly App version 1.5.4 Since updating the A2 firmware to 01.01.0700, every time I load a new battery, the Firmware Update "Update" alert appears when I connect to the aircraft. Checking if update is required reports firmware is up-to-date. If I...
  17. T

    DJI Fly app not updating battery firmware.

    Hi, After updating firmware successfully for the drone and controller for the first time. I can't update the battery's firmware, after swapping the other batteries. Please help, thanks.
  18. K

    Updated Firmware now no connection

    I updated my Mavic 2 Zoom firmware, all was ok on the AC but the RC failed then I lost connection between my iPhone 12 and the remote. I tried the USB port and took the cable out of the side but nothing and this cable works to charge my phone I even ordered a new side cable but nothing yet it...
  19. N

    DJI Mini 2 firmware amd fly safe data not updating

    Hey guys, I recently bought the DJI mini 2 and got 2 good flights out of it before it couldn’t take off due to the firmware and fly safe data not being able to update. I have and iPhone 12 Pro is a device that is not yet listed on the DJI website for compatible devices. I was wondering if anyone...
  20. P

    Still Unable to take off after last upgrade

    Hi . I'm a newbie in the drone world . I'm still getting the "unable to take off" despite last firmware update. Sure I can unlock it, but . .. Anyone with the same issue? Thanks.