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  1. S

    DJI Fly taking up 10 gig

    I'm running out of internal storage on my tablet, and in my settings it says dji fly is using 10.46 gig of space. Anyone heard of something like this, and is their anyway to fix it. Also, it says I needed to update Fly, which I did, and it says there's a new firmware update available, but I...
  2. K

    Firmware 01.03.0500

    Hello @all, could someone please supply me the .bin for Mini 2 (Aircraft)? I can't downgrade anymore because of an unsuccessful attempt. As I don't want to upgrade to 01.04.0000 -> need something between 01.03.0500 and 01.04.0000. My Mini 2 is @ 01.03.0500 at the moment but it has a...
  3. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Testing out the new Mavic 3 firmware

    This is by no means a thorough review of the new firmware, I mostly just tested out the major new features such as Quickshots.
  4. T

    Firmware Update alert every time I change the battery in my Air 2

    Air 2 firmware 01.01.0700: SC firmware 01.01.0064: GoFly App version 1.5.4 Since updating the A2 firmware to 01.01.0700, every time I load a new battery, the Firmware Update "Update" alert appears when I connect to the aircraft. Checking if update is required reports firmware is up-to-date. If I...
  5. T

    DJI Fly app not updating battery firmware.

    Hi, After updating firmware successfully for the drone and controller for the first time. I can't update the battery's firmware, after swapping the other batteries. Please help, thanks.
  6. K

    Updated Firmware now no connection

    I updated my Mavic 2 Zoom firmware, all was ok on the AC but the RC failed then I lost connection between my iPhone 12 and the remote. I tried the USB port and took the cable out of the side but nothing and this cable works to charge my phone I even ordered a new side cable but nothing yet it...
  7. N

    DJI Mini 2 firmware amd fly safe data not updating

    Hey guys, I recently bought the DJI mini 2 and got 2 good flights out of it before it couldn’t take off due to the firmware and fly safe data not being able to update. I have and iPhone 12 Pro is a device that is not yet listed on the DJI website for compatible devices. I was wondering if anyone...
  8. P

    Still Unable to take off after last upgrade

    Hi . I'm a newbie in the drone world . I'm still getting the "unable to take off" despite last firmware update. Sure I can unlock it, but . .. Anyone with the same issue? Thanks.
  9. D

    SController incompatibility with DJI Fly 1.2.1?

    I have received a replacement Smart Controller under warranty for this issue. The issue was, when connected to the Mavic Air 2, the live camera view is black. The Transmission Tab shows no data. Yet I can take photos and video, and can play them back from the saved images using DJI Fly. When...
  10. K

    Drone got crazy and crashed after RTH! Possible warranty? [log inside]

    Hey everyone! Unfortunately, the worst has happened and my dear Mavic Air 2, only a week old, got crashed... Would like to understand whether I can activate the warranty and other repair options. How it happened: I was flying in the park, open area but with some trees around. I was after 10pm...
  11. RPSM

    Mavic Air 2 - Battery Error 110024

    Hi - this week two of my batteries for my Mavic Air 2 started acting weird. First, when inserted into the drone, it immediately powered on without having to turn the battery on. Turning it off and on had no effect. When attempting to fly it (keeping it at the lowest possible altitude, to test...
  12. JoeGiral

    M2P videos keep stopping: smart controller goes to home screen

    I've read similar posts but find it frustrating that I can't resolve this. I bought a Mavic 2 pro and smart controller about a month ago with few if any problems. Since the last firmware update, the video STOPS RECORDING within 15 seconds and controller goes to 'go fly' screen. Over and over...
  13. iamsmarkus

    Where is firmware v01.00.0750 for DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic?

    Hi, I have the FPV goggles and I'm trying to connect it to my smart controller by this guide: DJI Digital FPV System HDMI Output Tutorial It references a firmware number that is: v01.00.0750 I've donwloaded the latest version of DJI Assistant 2 For Mavic, but latest version is: v01.00.0700...
  14. volition

    Wishlist? What firmware functions do you want for the MA2

    I have had the drone for over a week now and I have a few little gripes. The drone is fantastic, adding zoom & advanced gimbal settings this week, well that was cool. So what is everyone’s Wishlist. I’ll edit this post as worthy replies come in and are liked enough times, My Wishlist 1. Route...
  15. anon67

    Issues with sports mode after firmware update?

    Anyone else notice the MA2 flying differently when in sports mode after this new firmware update that added zoom among other things. It seems the drone is tilting more to the side when "strafing and turning at same time", just doesnt seem as smooth when visually watching the drone maneuver, not...
  16. Keule

    Mavic 2 Enterprise series firmware update 01.01.0700 (Jun 10, 2020)

    ALCON: Date: 2020.06.10 Mavic 2 Enterprise Aircraft Firmware: v01.01.0700 Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Aircraft Firmware: v01.01.0700 Remote Controller Firmware: v01.01.0410 DJI Pilot App Android: v1.8.0 DJI Pilot App iOS: v1.1.3 What’s New? Improved the denoising and sharpening effect of...
  17. rafare

    Poll: Mavic Mini v500 firmware update how much issue-free users?

    I really wanted do know how many of you guys had no problems with the new firmware update.
  18. RonanCork

    DGI GO 4 app: New release worth upgrading to ?

    Hey Guys (sorry if this has been posted already) Anyone update to the latest DGI-GO-4 app ? Looks like it's just a dual remote controller update. Is there anywhere that shows a list of app release with their release notes ? (i.e. so we know if it's "worth" upgrading to). I bought my drone in...
  19. K

    Mavic air yaw 2019 FW .620

    I had an issue with my drone yaw to the left. It yaws when ascending. Also tried to make it stationary with no issues. But when i flick the left joystick UP even just a little bit. It starts to yaw to the left. Tried restore default. Refresh firmware, imu, rc calibration and rc link. Worked...
  20. S

    Mavic Pro Platinum Coreboard A bricked

    A few weeks ago, I bricked the coreboard A in my Mavic Pro Platinum while trying to flash firmware 1.03.0700 using DUMLdore. When the "bricked" coreboard is installed, the mavic can turn on but won't connect to the computer or remote, and the LED's are red. At the time, I didn't know that...