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  1. C

    Drone crash

    Hello all! 2 days ago I crashed my drone. Long story. Anyways I can’t find the dang thing. In my flight log it shows the yellow flight path and then shows where the path stops and the drone continues. Why did the yellow stop? Is it estimating where it landed? How accurate is this? It even shows...
  2. Drone Pilot Iron on IMG_2542.JPG

    Drone Pilot Iron on IMG_2542.JPG

    Back I made these iron on's to help keep spectators from interrupting me while flying
  3. S

    Take drone domestic flight Philippines

    I'm flying AirAsia on a domestic flight in the Philippines. I'm taking my Mavic 3, and one extra battery. From reading their website, I'm worried about taking the extra battery in my carry on luggage. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Steve
  4. heightened_imagery

    Illegal Flight Over Stadium

    Hello all! First major post. Admins, please remove if not allowed. Move to proper thread also if possible. Thanks! Came across this... beauty*insert sarcasm* (hardly, MAJOR FAA violations) Hopefully the FAA can find this person. Talk about illegal to the max! Not our video, not do we know this...
  5. D

    can Litchi record a mission real-time?

    Tried searching the net to see if this is possible, but most posts were 3-4 years old and so the feature may have been added since. Is it possible with Litchi to record a manual flight, then replay / re-fly that flight automatically? Not a pre-designed mission, but a live capture of a manual...
  6. Rotowings

    Hello fellow pilots from New Jersey

    Greetings all I like to introduce myself, My name is Larry, I’m a telecom Engineer for a Huge communications company but my passion is flying, I’m Private Pilot over 25 years, a part 107 Drone Pilot, I have a Magic 2 Pro and a DJI FPV that I just bought and working on getting over the motion...
  7. W

    Mavic 3 Disappointments

    Hello fellow pilots! So, I purchased a Mavic 3 a while back, and, after flying it for a while, a few disappointments have emerged. I wanted to share those here and see if anyone else has had the same experiences. First, the SD cards that are recommended in the user manual do not appear to be...
  8. Yaros

    Am I flying way too much? 😂

    Hello, I have been flying my Mavic Air 2 for a little more than 4 months now and might have been flying way too much :) Check my stats: DJI Account: Battery Charge Cycles: Yes, I manually keep track of my battery charge cycles, so I don't have one sitting around with 5 cycles and another...
  9. Yaros

    How many times / batteries do you fly a week?

    Hey! I was just wondering how many times you fly a week! I normally fly between 10 and 20 times a week! What about you?
  10. zeNitro

    Recreational License in ireland

    Question to those who has Recreational license in ireland. How is the process of getting it, and does it include flying at nights? just bought 2 led lights for my mini 2 (see image below) i have finished flying just over 100Km. Now im willing to get my toes in some video creation stoff. (Was the...
  11. pommy

    Air 2S Video Loss - Can someone look at my flight logs please?

    Hi all, I had a really scary situation where the drone lost it’s video transmission completely. It was out to sea, no obstacles at only 250-300m away from me (but high 120m so couldn’t see it for the sun). Just before it lost signal, it said return to home, but it never did, it just...
  12. CE.jpg


    Flight with two Mavic mini
  13. B

    Time-consuming tasks...have you been there?

    Hello everyone.? I am a commercial drone pilot in a corporation. Even when I know that flight drones is something cool, sometimes involves dull and time-consuming non-technical tasks. Have you been in this situation before? I want to ask you if you would like to share some of those tricky steps...
  14. m80116

    NightFly - a Mavic Mini CinePATHIC Night clip

    OK, here's a CinePATHIC Mavic Mini short movie clip, entirely shot with the little critter and put together using my usual cursing and misery resources. 1080p 29.97fps worked directly on memory card, old fashion disk drive and 2013 editing software. Most footage is shot at 25 fps and sped up to...
  15. OOO

    New MP2 user. MP2 flight time?

    I haven't been to this forum since I sold my MP1 drone. Recently, I got an MP2 after I crashed my P4P. I've been using my MP2 for two weeks, and I think I'm going to hang out in this forum more often. These photos are from where I crashed my P4P. One thing I dislike about MP2 drone is flight...
  16. pahas

    Flying over the Acropolis of Athens at night

    I made this video this summer. The plan was to fly just after the sunset but as i was preparing the flight, noticed other drones around the Acropolis so had to wait. When thay all cleared the area, it was too dark anyway, but i thought of giving it a try. The end result i think is quite nice...
  17. A

    New pilot to the game! Help please

    You alright guys! I’ve got a dji mavic air. Not sure if any of you lot have had this issue but DJI decided not to provide me with the charging adapter for the remote control! Ridiculous. I’ve had a proper look and removed the adapter thats already attached to the cable, but still nothing...
  18. Watash48

    Flight Simulator

    Greetings, I have received the following information from a friend concerning using the DJI app with my Mavic 2 Pro controller/iPhone to the HDMI input of my HDTV to view on my big screen. "Concerning viewing the DJI app. The are several approaches that you can use. With respect to the flight...
  19. manoslinh

    Lake Neuchatel for beginners

    Hey! I am just discovering my drone and took this footage around Neuchatel! Feel free to roast me
  20. Flight2Remember

    Use your drone to grant dying wishes!

    The Flight To Remember Foundation is looking for pilots who are looking to volunteer their time and use their skills to give back to mankind. The value you provide to our participants at end of life is priceless. You can give someone a gift that money cannot buy. Visit our site to learn more...