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  1. Chouette

    Lac Vert, Aquitaine | Mavic Pro 4K

    Hello everyone ! Here is my second editing with my Mavic Pro ! Enjoy !
  2. Chouette

    La Chouette : Anse de Morieux 4K (and ufo ?)

    Hello there ! My first video of my Mavic !
  3. heo3480

    8 drone footage hacks in 4 min

    These are my best tips for recording video to get a good result. I hope they will help someone new to our hobby ;-) What is your best tip?
  4. C

    Grainy and Noisy footage at 100 ISO

    Hi there! I'm a new and proud owner of a Mavic pro and really enjoy flying it. The only problem is I can't use my footage, even at ISO 100 it looks noisy an horrible in some areas. When the sun was setting I changed the ISO to 400 to correct the brightness. And after I checked my footage it was...
  5. Britishbigfoot

    Super happy with our summer 17 show reel

    As ever, this could be like, days long... We've accrued over 100km of flight distance since June, bought more batteries and had a blast flying commercially. So happy we got into this industry.
  6. jmalonear

    Flying over old farm silos.

  7. W

    Wanted - Wildlife Footage for WWF

    Hello all, I'm the staff video producer for WWF-Canada and I wanted to reach out to the Mavic community to let you know that we are always on the lookout for good wildlife drone footage particularly for marine species (Right whales, Belugas, Killer whales etc.) We've found drone videography /...
  8. jtcfilms

    New Edit from New Orleans! Enjoy the video

    Hey guys, just got back from New Orleans last weekend with my Mavic Pro and man did I have a ball flying it around the city. It was great too because I had been having issues with my first Mavic Pro until getting an "Ultrasound Module Error" and I sent it back and they replaced it for free. So...
  9. F

    By the forest and by the sea...

    EDIT: 3rd video below Hi ! I've made my two first flights and videos. The first flight was in the forest: The second one by the sea in Normandy (France): Please feel free to criticize so I can improve my technique. Second video is in my opinion less dynamic... Thanks for watching
  10. FantasticMrF

    beautiful castle & wallace monument footage

    Stirling Castle & Wallace monument 4K footage
  11. P

    100% of RAW photos and around 40% of videos also don't get saved on SD, only low-res on phone.

    Every time i get back home it's a lottery to see which videos were saved and which weren't. RAW photos can be seen through the app (info- shows that they're 20-30mb which makes sense) but no options to save onto SD or phone. I've tried the Assistant 2 software but can't access any media...
  12. FantasticMrF

    Abandoned Scotland

    Hey, does anyone have any footage of any derelict buildings in Scotland; so far I've filmed two which I've linked below. They look stunning on camera and are by far my favourite thing to film so far.
  13. ed1nh0

    First attempt in color grading

    This is the first time I shooted in D-Log. I didn't know what this and others modes looks like and what for. Still don't know. Just followed some tutorials and try make some footage. It was shooted in 2.7k @ 30fps. Cam in manual, settings were +1,-2,-2 and did not use ND filter. I did use a LUT...
  14. Y

    Maiden Video - Vietnam

    My first flights with the Mavic, and learning how to edit videos through Youtube lol. Realized I didn't focus when I was recording enough when I got back home, something to keep in mind for myself in the future. Now stuck in Canada with very limited locations to practice my flying :( Locations...
  15. heo3480

    Impress your audience with Point of Interest

    I have made this tutorial explaining this cool flight mode. I have included a tip that will help you make even more stunning footage. Impress your audience with awesome footage created by Point of Interest. What way are you using Point of Interest? --
  16. ed1nh0

    Some mix of footage just for training

    Hi guys! I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about aerial footage, editing, post-production, etc. and never tried to do something similar. I have some timelapses (sorry for the low quality) and I've been practicing some edition for a few days now. I'm a "Windows Movie Maker"...
  17. jimmyshadow1

    Mavic Pro raw footage sharing!

    I would like to share all of my raw footage. Some of the shots look great and would look good in many videos. The download links to the raw, uncompressed videos are in the description of every video. You can use any of the footage you want in videos you make, but please give me credit if you do...
  18. H

    How to supply client with inspection footage

    Hey guys, This is my first post here so I hope this is the right category to be posting in. For explanation's sake; assume a client wanted me to inspect the roof of their factory, including checking their gutters, roof infrastructure etc etc. If I had 15 minutes worth of 1080p (compressed from...
  19. W

    Mavic at Rememberance Garden

    Hi there. Playing with the Mavic and trying to learn how to handle her. . Still very new to video editing so have a lot to learn about it. Also still learning how to handle the drone to get steady shots. Comments would be appreciated.
  20. Fonejacker

    My first ever edit of 4K footage.

    Please do have a look, its my first attempt at using Premiere Pro (or any editing software for that matter). I'm a keen photographer and moving into the world of drones (yes..still waiting). So yes, I'm good at photoshop but premiere is a completely different kettle of fish.... while I wait...