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  1. Amit Dunsky

    Enable location services???

    Today, I took the M3P for yet another flight. As I launched it, I noticed there wasn't any "The home point has been updated" call.I was out in an open field, cleae blue skies, I'm highly familiar with the location, so I knew there is nothing there to obstruct GPS reception. Given that, I just...
  2. U

    DJI Air 2S Crash IMU Initialisation Failed Code 30084, 30056, 30055

    Hi, DJI community. I am a happy owner of DJI Ar 2s. The AC experienced a crash a few weeks back. The left leg was broken, which I successfully replaced. After I put the Aircraft back together, I started getting Navigation System Error 30105. Gimbal calibration error 40011. (Gimbal calibrates...
  3. blackomega

    Mini 3 DJI RC Location services

    Had an issue with my mini 3 recently. I know that the DJI RC has built in GPS as i was able to update my home point on the fly in the past. Noticed after the recent update while trying to update home point to the RC gps an error message popped up saying i had to enable location services. Can...
  4. eva2000

    3rd party GPS trackers?

    I know the drone has find my drone feature. But does anyone use 3rd party GPS trackers for their drones too ? I came across Drone Tracker GPS – Trackimo and I guess there are other 3rd party GPS tracking solutions too?
  5. M

    Air 2S GPS issues.

    I've had my Air 2S since last August, prior to that I had an Air 2 and before that a Mini. The Air 2S has always been a little slow to get a GPS fix but recently it has been really struggling, today in an open area it couldn't get a lock whatsoever and after about 10 mins I gave up. Has anyone...
  6. D

    Mavic 2 Pro fly without GPS suggestions

    Hello. I need to fly my M2P inside of a large open warehouse with no GPS. I've never done this before and not sure what to expect. Will I still be able to accurately control the drone or will it start squirting around unpredictably? Any help / suggestions would be appreciated! (I do have prop...
  7. J

    Add GPS Info from SRT File to individual Images extracted from Video File

    Hi Guys, So I want to do Photogrammetry with the Mavic 3. I have done so successfully using Images. For a new project I am looking to fly the drone quite slowely down a forestry road and do a 3D model of the road afterwards with dronedeploy. Instead of taking pictures, I am planning to film it...
  8. R

    GPS tracker without cell, anyone tried? Saw this on a video earlier and seemed like it may be a good candidate for drone use. I don't know a whole lot about it as of yet. Has anyone tried it?
  9. R

    M2EA RTK issue

    Evening all... I have a Mavic 2 Enterptise Advanced, with the RTK module perched on top like a cute hat... But I just can't get it to work. I have an RTK licence, and the details are keyed in to the Smart Controller, I have the smart controller connected to 4G via a mobile phone hotspot, but...
  10. J

    Calibrate required for GPS Accuracy?

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic 2 with the Litchi App? My Litchi Waypoints are quite accurate but every once in a while they are off - so I usually have to calibrate in DJI 4 and then restart everything to get the Home Point re-positioned. Does Calibrate help with GPS Positioning...
  11. M

    (ASK) How to identify ADS-B and non ADS-B on DJI Mavic Air 2?

    Can anyone tell me how to identify my Mavic Air 2 ads-b or non ads-b version? i recently tear my drone appart. and currently looking the ESC part on the market. found some, but there is 2 option, the ADS-B and the Non ADS-B. im a little confussed on how to identify which is mine. thanks in advance
  12. Z

    mavic mini 1 imu/gps board

    anyone in uk can sell this part? or any link to order it from china
  13. B

    Naïve question - WiFi is only LOS and satellites are for GPS, right?

    Stupid question, I'm afraid (but I have to say that this is the only forum I know that doesn't all gang up on someone asking seemingly obvious questions): After playing around with my MM, I have found that I can get around 600m in distance over the countryside with no obstructions and 800m by...
  14. A

    Low Satellite Fix Count on Smart Controller

    First note: I'm *only* talking about the Smart Controller itself in this case. I just got the SC and am using it with an MA2. Controls it just fine and can fly without issue. After opening DJI Fly it quickly will show 12+ satellites fixed. However, I noticed that on the map in DJI Fly the RC...
  15. T

    Should I buy an iPad with cellular to fly my Mavic Air 2?

    Hi guys, Do you need to have an iPad with cellular to fly a Mavic Air 2, if you are using GPS? Thanks.
  16. T

    Rtr function suddenly disappeared

    I have a DJI mini mavric. Everything was working completely fine and all of a sudden I only have a land option when I go to return to home.My GPS is fine it locks the home point but the button to return to home is not there when I go to use it not sure what happens if I hit the return to home...
  17. P

    First crash mini

    Good afternoon, I had my first crash with the mini hit a metal culvert and flew into water (what luck!)had no luck left the drone in rice for an hour then opened the battery hatch and let the water leak out now I have two error messages had a bit where I snapped in the battery door but the...
  18. S

    Mavic Pro self Folded and Crashed

    Hi, My Mavic pro crashed on the climbing process. However, the crash seems really weird as there's no obstacle on the way of my flight, the drone just started to spin itself and crash to ground. While checking the wreckage of the plan, I found that the right side arms of the drone are folded...
  19. 0Kajuna0

    Telemetry Overlay for Mavic (and other models) in After Effects

    Hey guys, I've been working on a system that uses the SRT flight telemetry to create customizable gauges in After Effects: a dashboard with speedometer, GPS path, altitude, heading, distance, ISO, shutter speed and f-number. Here's a demo and a tutorial: There's also a tool to export the...
  20. H

    MA only flies 6 mph, Including in sports mode

    Hi all. My MA has stopped flying above 6 mph whenever it has a GPS lock. In atti mode it is fine. I have calibrated compass, vision, IMU and controller, reinstalled firmware, factory reset, tried both iOS and Android, enabled intelligent flight modes, flown 15 miles away and it is not in...