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  1. B

    Mavic 3 Horizon (Gimbal) Tilt

    Hi guys, Unfortunately, I could not fly the aircraft yet due to rainy weather. That didn't hold me back though from unboxing it and setting it up. I also made some recordings indoors. What I have noticed is that the gimbal (horizon) of my Mavic 3 tilts to the left and to the right by itself...
  2. desertvet38

    Bulk Carrier "Horizon" - Tampa Bay, Florida

    So this 586' ship moored itself near my home the other day, so since it was gorgeous out, I wanted to get down there and get some drone footage of her before she departed. She was actually being filled (you'll see it in the video) with some type of mineral. Not sure what it was... But it was...
  3. fredward

    Getting a '3/4' tracking shot / horizontal tilting?

    Hello I have just bought a Mavic Air, I have flown it a bit, and see it can tilt up and down, but is it possible to tilt just the camera horizontally, to get a 3/4 shot? At the moment, when I turn it, the whole unit turns, changing the flight path to match the turn, I want the same flight path...
  4. D

    Gimbal Drift AND Panorama Failures (Android/Google Pixel 2)

    Hey fam, looking for some help. I have done the IMU, Compass, and Gimbal calibrations in different orders a multitude of times indoors and out and I still have massive gimbal horizon drift. It's off by 5+ deg to either side throughout flight. Horizon tilts when I have any yaw input, or it just...
  5. heo3480

    Mavic Pro Horizon Issue - Are YOU affected too?

    I’m having problems keeping the horizon level during flight. I’m on my 3rd Mavic now with this issue. I have made this video show the problem and collect feedback to establish the magnitude of the problem. Are you affected by this as well?
  6. JustViewerFun

    Gimbal Roll (Image Not Level) When Flying Left or Right

    I recently upgraded my Mavic to 1.04.0000 and have been testing the new and old flight modes. One difference (I think) I noticed was that the image was not staying level when pushing the right stick left or right. If I flew to the left (pushed the right stick left), the horizon would become...
  7. curso88

    Gimbal tilt momentarily to left when turn on the Mavic

    Hello I just received today the replaced unit (refurbished) of my Mavic of my repair case Apparently everything works correctly. The horizon of the camera is centered in Roll 0.0, but every time that I turn on the Mavic, after 10 seconds of runing, the horizon tilts to the left, and the...
  8. Chrizk0

    Gimbal Horizon Unlevel/Shaking

    Can someone help me determine if my gimbal has a horizon level problem. The gimbal tends to turn sideways when turning left or right especially with both sticks, it's almost always never level when turned. Also, not in this video but it sometimes shakes mid flight. Can anyone assist? Dropbox -...
  9. S

    Gimbal leveling + Startup sound in video. Is that normal ?

    Hi Folks, As the saying says, an image is worth a thousand words. The videos below may be worth a million! And the only question I have... Are those normal things ? Everything was done, IMU calibration, Compass, Gimbal, reset all settings,... Strange startup sound (listen at the end of the...
  10. outstanda

    Mavic gimbal error / slowly moving picture, bad horizon

    I'm getting really upset. This is my SECOND mavic, they sent me this as replacement for the first one with gimbal shake error, and this has gimbal errors too! I had Mavic for 2 months now, and all is has is that sending packages, waiting for service (2 weeks), waiting for replacement drone...
  11. C

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Roll

    So when I have my gimbal roll at 0.0 my camera is completely sideways. I have adjust the gimbal roll to 4.8 for it to be level but it used to be at 3.8. I feel it keep tilting farther and farther even after gimbal calibration. After I go to 0.0 and calibrate it's straight right after it finishes...