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  1. Swing4TheRing

    Loading Maps to Fly in Other Countries

    I will be traveling to St Lucia in October and am curious if I need to download/upload whatever load certain maps before I get there in order to fly? If so, how do I go about doing this? I am using the newest iPad as well and should probably look in to seeing if my cellular connection for it...
  2. Adamcain112

    Tablet Case Mod

    Like keeping my ipad mini 4 in the case, its a pain to take off everytime to put in the holder. I used a rectangular punch so the holder tabs could slide in and grab the top of the tablet. I works perfectly so now I don't have to remove the tablet case and I can still get the sun shade on.
  3. DougAles

    ♦️My first wedding video...seeking criticism♦️

    My first wedding video Filmed with my iPhone, iPad and my drone Edited on my iPhone with iMovie No professional photography or videography training I did this for free for family as I was a guest who was asked to make a video ♦️Seeking kind constructive criticism♦️
  4. S

    WARNING - iPad Overheated and shutdown during flight

    I recently was boating with friends and wanted to get some cool footage of my friends boat. Planned to do hand launch and catch while we were on the water since not enough space to land on the boat safely. We had been out about 3 or 4 hours and air temp was ~102F. When we reached a nice spot...
  5. D

    IPad mini 4 outputs for FPV goggles

    I am considering an iPad mini 4 for my MP, I also considered the CrystalSky, because of the outputs available, if the iPadm4 has an HDMI out or a cable that provides it, then I know that the purchase can also lead to FPV, when I save some more $.
  6. F

    Tech Question: Where are the preferences saved?

    I want to have the ability to use either my iphone or the mini ipad with the Mavic control, depending on the situation, and I'm wondering if it's possible to synchronize my drone & flight preferences on both devices. I guess if the preferences are saved on the control I might have a chance to...
  7. C

    How do copy off the buffered video on iPad.

    I noticed that the Go 4 app copies some of the video to the iPad, along with the sound around the controller. These seem to be tiny snippets of the video. This raises two questions for me.... Are there longer segments of the video on the iPad some ware? If so, were are they stored? Can these...
  8. JoostGT3

    FS: PGY Tech tablet holder

    So, here's me being silly again: I ordered the PGY tech MRC-005 pad holder for use with my iPad mini 4. Upon paying, I got the message that it was out of stock and expected a week later. I look up some reviews about the webshop and find out it has a very bad reputation, so I go ahead and order...
  9. Shep

    Minimal Packing for Mavic Pro, Fly More, MavMount, Hoodman and extra gear!

    For the pilot, space is always a commodity! The beauty of the Mavic Pro is the size and portability, but adding gear is a problem! The Magic Pro with Fly More package barely fits in the bag, but what if you want to use a iPad, or a MavMount, or the Hoodman or another battery? In this video I...
  10. T

    How many GB do you need?

    Hi all, I'm just looking to buy an iPad mini to fly my soon-to-arrive Mavic Pro with and was wondering if there's any need to get more than 16GB worth of storage? I am thinking that I will save everything to the memory card and I don't think I'll need to save many pics or video to the actual...
  11. C

    Mavic Pro at dusk Boardwalk Timelapse

    Took video of my favorite ride in Santa Cruz, the FireBall. Filmed at 2.7K in tripod mode to get the timelapse effect:
  12. D

    iPad Mini or iPod Touch?

    Hello.. I am wondering about buying a device just for my Mavic. Wondering if any of you out there currently uses an iPod Touch tethered to their phone, and/or an iPad Mini with cellular connectivity or tethered as well, I guess. What are the drawbacks in using these devices vs your iPhone? Do...
  13. N

    iPod Touch 6th Generation good to use?

    Hey I'm trying to make a decision on buying an ipod touch 6th generation to fly the mavic or and ipad mini with the att thing. I know the ipod doesn't have gps, so would that change anything from having a phone with gps? The ipad mini would have gps if its the att or verizon version i think...
  14. A

    IPAD Holder Recommendations

    Anyone have any recommendations for an Ipad holder? There a number of them on Amazon.. just not sure which one to go with.
  15. D

    iPad mini 3 wifi homepoint

    I have an ipad mini 3 (wifi only) lying around that I planned on using for my Mavic. I had been using my iPhone 7 but bought a mavmount and was going to start using the ipad. I read in other forum posts that you cannot update the homepoint with a wifi only ipad. This does not make sense to me...
  16. M

    Tablet holder from FPV Customs

    I found this the other day. I have been using my S7 but id like to go back to my Ipad mini. Has anyone got one of these... yet? And no I dont need to see the RC screen... MAVIC PRO DJI TABLET HOLDER INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING Mo
  17. clackey

    New MavicPilots App

    Hey all - we launched new MavicPilots apps for iOS and Android. These were created using the Tapatalk platform so we don't have a ton of flexibility on design, features, etc.. but feel free to chime in if you have any issues or feedback. iOS - MavicPilots on the App Store Android - MavicPilots...