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  1. RGS2010

    SOLD - For Sale: iPad Mini 2, Cellular+WiFi, 32 GB in Excellent Condition

    Cellular+WiFi but I only used it as a WiFi FPV monitor so I don't know if it is unlocked or not. Works perfectly as a streaming device with 32 gb of storage and no scratches on the screen or back. Charger and cable included. $100 + Shipping (U.S. only) - PayPal preferred.
  2. B

    What Ipad to choose?

    I am looking to buy an ipad for my air 2s. I do about 75% photo 25% video. It would be nice to use the ipad attached to the controller but its not required. Wondering what you recommend or have used with editing photos in lightroom and videos in adobes app?
  3. RGS2010

    For Sale: iPad Mini 4 128 GB, Excellent Condition - SOLD!

    For Sale: Apple iPad Mini 4 128 GB with Glass Screen Protector installed. Has IOS 15.3.1 Always in a cover so is in awesome scratches! $200 + Shipping
  4. S

    Sun hood for iPad Mini 6

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a sun hood for the iPad Mini 6. Any recommandations would be appreciated. Equipment: DJI Mini 2 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Cynova DJI RC-N1 Mobile Device Holder Pro
  5. N

    iPad Pro 2021 with Mavic 2 Pro remote

    Hey! I recently got an iPad Pro 12.9 to help out with my photography needs, and I want to use it as a screen for my Mavic 2 Pro remote. I’m going to go for the Lifthor Mjølnir stand, but I’m not sure about feed cables from the remote to the iPad. Anyone have any good thunderbolt 3 cable...
  6. 3

    USB C Hub on GCS iPad

    Has anyone ever used a USB C hub (like the one linked below) with their iPad GCS while flying? I need to have HDMI out capability while flying my Mavics and don't really want to spring for a SC or CS. If no direct experience, I do accept postulations. Thanks...
  7. J

    Using a iPad with the mini 2

    I'm getting my new Mini 2 next week, and just discovered that my phone (Samsung A10) will not work with the fly app. 32 bit and not listed on the Mavic website. I cannot afford to get another phone and plan BUT I do have an iPad 6.25" x 9.5" (7th gen, lots of memory) and have seen that there are...
  8. B

    Mini 2 iOS FCC mod feedback

    Just looking for advice/feedback with regards to using some sort of FCC mod on my iPad DJI Fly app (for Mini 2). I know that there's a few different options out there, so I was wondering which one would be the easiest to implement, which one is best value for money (if not free), and so on...
  9. N

    Tablet with cell service or no cell service

    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada. I am new here. I have DJI Mavic Mini and looking at getting an iPad. Will be buying new. I understand the cost with extra options and extra storage, that is not a concern. My question relates to the need for or not need of cell service / a data connection to the...
  10. T

    Should I buy an iPad with cellular to fly my Mavic Air 2?

    Hi guys, Do you need to have an iPad with cellular to fly a Mavic Air 2, if you are using GPS? Thanks.
  11. D

    iPad/Tablet Holder - Freebie on Thingiverse

    I just posted a printable version of my tablet holder (mine's an iPad Pro 9.7 in a case) on Thingiverse. It's a freebie. Very snug, stable and secure, it works well with smaller tablets too and does not require a long USB wire. The DJI provided wire works fine. Mavic Air 2 iPad/Tablet Holder...
  12. J

    iPad air using in cold weather

    I love in Oshkosh, WI which is pretty cold. It goes down to -40 celcius. Its around -5 to -15 right now. I used my iPhone but the battery drained extremely fast. I had amazon fire tablet but I just didnt like it. IM going to buy an iPad. But im concerned that the battery will drain quickly like...
  13. E

    iPad Pro 11” vs Mini 5

    Looking to upgrade from the iPhone X. I like the SC, but 3rd party apps still aren’t where they need to be. So, if money wasn’t an option, the iPad Mini 5 or the 11” iPad Pro? I like both, just not sure which would be the better choice. Mini is compact and sticks with the compact design of...
  14. M

    I generally HATE Apple products but...

    I will say that the experience using LumaFusion on an iPad Pro has been exceptional! It's remarkable how well it handles 4k video! My initial testing show that short projects essentially export (almost) in real time. I have found that 1 minute of edited content (trimmed clips, titles...
  15. Q

    Smart Controller and Split Control

    I have a Mavic 2 Pro with the smart controller. I would like to use an IPad Pro to allow my partner to run the camera controls, especially for taking photos, since she has a more artistic eye, loves to set everything manually, and will be editing the raw files. I want to let her to do what she...
  16. Watash48

    2019 iPad Monitor

    Can anyone please help me select the best iPad monitor to connect to my Mavic2 Pro controller. The crystal sky is out of my budget and does not support iOS litchi app.
  17. DJI Ferrari

    Android or Apple?

    So I am making a list on stuff to get on Feb 1st for my new Mavic Pro and one of the things I wanna get is a full HD tablet but need to ask. What do you pilots recommend? Ipad 10" or Android 10", and to be honest I don't even know if android makes a full HD Android. My spending limit for the...
  18. mfishhead

    Mini 4

    Hello from Michigan. So if I buy an iPad Mini 4 Wifi only to fly my Pro 2 what are the downfalls besides having to do updates only when connected to Wifi? Best Buy has the 128GB for $250 right now - seems pretty tough to pass up. Thanks in advance - Mike.
  19. I

    Looking for clarification re ipad/cellular

    I appreciate this is a subject that has been covered in several other threads and I apologise if I seem to be unnecessarily duplicating the question, but I wonder if someone could give me a definitive answer. I've tried to combine the responses from several other threads here and elsewhere but...
  20. Tanushiheadbash

    It's no doubt been said to death but...

    I initially flew my MA with a Sony Xperia Z5 and it was fine, the phone had a big screen and it run djiGo4 perfectly. I then got new Sony Xperia XZ2 as an upgrade It too runs the app just fine but has a slightly smaller screen so I decided to keep the Z5 for drone use and little else. Then...