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  1. D

    Mini 2 why some photos auto transferring? On iPhone

    Recently got a mini 2, having a mini 1 before. I use an iPhone. I normally take out my SD and transfer the pics and videos to my Mac, which then sync so can also see on my iPhone (or vice versa). What I’m finding on mini 2 is some photos appear on my iPhone in the photos app, not all but...
  2. L

    MicroSD to Lightning Adapter

    Hello Everyone, I’m looking for a reliable adapter to directly transfer my 4K videos from MicroSD to an Apple iPhone (lightning cable). Amazon gives several options and all of them have “OK” reviews and I’m skeptical and unsure which model I should buy. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions...
  3. S

    iPhone Storage Doesn’t Shrink After Deleting Videos

    I just received my iPhone 13. So to speed up the “new iPhone ” setup process and decrease the size of my backup, I started deleting large files on my iPhone 12. in Settings > iPhone Storage > DJI Fly was about 60GB. So I opened the Fly app, went to Album (cached videos/not downloaded)...
  4. B

    Flying with a phone w/o service plan & caching maps

    Good evening all- Experienced pilot but sold my Yuneec a few years ago. Now a mini 2 owner and I want to get a 2nd device (another phone) to use as my viewfinder, mainly as my iPhone SE gen 1 is not compatible with the flight controller. I’m thinking an iPhone 8 or X. Looks like from what I...
  5. HerronSkyView

    Unlocking GEO Authorization Zones from Flysafe to Smart Controller/Drone

    Hi, I have a Mavic 2 Pro. I can't find the Unlocking List in DJ GO 4 on iphone 7 as the instructions say. Please let me know if you have any ideas how to solve this. (After I get this figured out, I need to buy an IOS (iphone) to USB C cord to transfer the unlock code to the drone. I use a smart...
  6. C

    Another Mavic Air 2 FPV Thread

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if somebody with an iPhone, a set of DJI FPV goggles, and a Mavic air 2 could test a theory I have. Apple makes a lightning connector to HDMI dongle that also features another Lightning port. I was wondering if you ran the dongle from your phone (plugging into the...
  7. E

    iPhone 12 Compatibility

    I have a Mavic Mini, and I have always used an IPhone 7 but am in need of a new phone so I was thinking about getting an IPhone 12. DJI support said they still are working on a more stable version of the DJI fly app for the iPhone 12 so they do not yet recommend it for flying the mavic mini but...
  8. R

    iPhone 12 Mavic Air 2 Range Issues

    Hi all! I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. After flying my Mavic Air 2 this afternoon, I noticed that I was having huge connectivity issues between my RC controller and the drone. No App settings have been changed accidentally. I switched back to my old iPhone XS as a test, and...
  9. Joymaker

    How to keep DJI Go 4 from sucking storage?

    I am chronically out of space on my iPhone, largely because DJI Go 4 is taking up 21.7 GB. I have gone into the editor where you can edit little videos and tried deleting some of the ones it auto generated, but this seems to be only a drop in the bucket. Where can I go to delete the lo-res...
  10. Prmath

    Stupid question but here goes......

    Can I use an IPhone with no cell service for my monitor on my new Mavic 2Pro? Dang, I hated to ask this but inquiring this mind wanted to know..... T I A
  11. P

    Mavic Pro wont connect with Lichi on Iphone!

    Hello, I hope this isnt a daft questions but I can't seem to get my mavic pro to connect to the Lichi app. All of the threads I have found have given advice regarding Androids and I've tried a few of those options but none of these have successfully resolved the issue : e.g. deleting and...
  12. Virgy98

    Which IOS editing video app is that?

    Hello, I’m searching the name of this VHS video recorder 95682062-0F7B-4F97-9451-63B7ED069DA9 — It’s a IOS app. Thank you! Virginia
  13. D

    iPhone app connection

    Hi I’m having connection issues. My remote controller is connected to my Mavic Pro but my iPhone 7, while physically plugged into the remote controller, is saying it’s disconnected from the aircraft. I’ve tried powering everything off and starting up again - no difference. I suppose it could...
  14. Amarand

    iPhone 8 Plus in Otterbox Symmetry Case

    So...just got my Mavic Air today, and realized that the iPhone 8 Plus in an Otterbox Symmetry case doesn't fit the Mavic controller (issues: the cable won't fit into the stand-off of the case, and the case won't physically fit.) So, there are options. The first being "don't use a case on my...
  15. M

    Changing from iPhone to Samsung

    Hi, I currently have a Mavic Pro that is set up for my iPhone. I am now changing my phone to a Samsung, how do I keep using my Mavic Pro with the new Samsung? Can I just get a new wire for Mavic that connects with the Samsung - the one that runs down the left of the controller. If so then do you...
  16. J

    iphone 8 video editing

    Hi, just got an iphone8+ and want to use it to fly my Mavic with (connected to controller of course) and then edit video's on the phone itself, then publish. anybody else doing the same on iphone? if so, how's the results? am i stuck with imovie here? sorry if there is another forum for...
  17. M

    Best drone simulator for iPhone?

    As weather is turning to the worse, I won't be able to fly my new Mavic as much as I'd want, but I'd like to get some practice, especially for the "nose in" flying mode. I know I can use the DJI GO 4 app connected to the controller to use the simulator, but having to keep the Mavic powered on...
  18. ScubaBob

    Distance limitation when iPhone is not connected

    I haven't tried this yet but a friend of mine who has a Mavic with Goggles said that if he does not hook his iPhone to the RC that his distance, when using Goggles, is limited to 150 meters (I think that was the number he said) whereas when he is using the RC with his iPhone and NO goggles he...
  19. D

    Mavic can't connect to go 4 app on iPhone plus

    I've had a mavic for about 4 months and it's working perfectly on both my iphone 7 and my ipad air. I recently bought an iphone 8 plus, but I can not connect it at all. I tried using the original dji cable on the side port and the original apple cable on the bottom USB port. both connections...
  20. DougAles

    ♦️My first wedding video...seeking criticism♦️

    My first wedding video Filmed with my iPhone, iPad and my drone Edited on my iPhone with iMovie No professional photography or videography training I did this for free for family as I was a guest who was asked to make a video ♦️Seeking kind constructive criticism♦️