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  1. A

    Weird gimbal issue by motor maybe

    Hi! I recently tried flying my drone, and then gimbal started making weird noises and the video is jello (ing?). Here is a video I have edited to show the problem in detail. I had no crashes that could connect to this issue. (video uploaded to onedrive, no need to sign in). The video details...
  2. D

    Platinum Props on a Pro (standard) queries

    Hi All, Been using Platinum props on my Pro. Few queries: How many of you have adjusted the gain? And did you do it because you saw camera wobble at hover or because you got jello when moving? Did it solve it? Also, would adjusting the gain have any impact on high wind velocity warning...
  3. D

    Got the dreaded jello effect in cold weather. Hit some branches and then it was stable again.

    So I've been reading the forums and I know a lot of people get this jello effect when flying in sub-zero cold weather. Some say the drone needs to acclimatize before flying it. I didn't do that, I just took it out of my warm car and flew it straight away while sitting in the car. So it was out...
  4. S

    wavy video on Mavic Air

    Just picked up Mavic Air yesterday and took it out for a flight. I noticed something strange. The video started with a weird color (from the beginning until 22nd second) and it had wavy/jello effect (3rd second and 19-20s). In the 22nd second of video, color turned normal. Is this due to the...
  5. MPPilot

    It's Never Time for Jello

    Big jello issue. Not idea what caused it, I have never crashed (this drone, anyway) and never dropped it, and it stays in its case with the gimbal lock in place when not in use. I know this question has been asked, I've read the posts and tried everything: latest firmware, calibrate the...
  6. D

    Strange Camera Shake Using Litichi

    I just started using Litchi and on the Second Way point mission the Camera started to act strange at first i thought it was wind? but when landing i say the camera trying to point up past its limits I attached 2 videos the first it starts at about 1:00 the second its pretty much the entire...
  7. G

    camera and/or gimbal gone crazy

    my camera/gimbal has gone crazy - first I this jello thing started then the gimbal did some flipflops ending up with vertical lines --
  8. C

    New MPP Ripple effect

    Hi, I've a brand new Mavic pro platinum, bought in November, 30minutes total flight time, all my video is plagued with the ripple/jello effect, I'm new to drones and originally thought this was due to wind or was just the cached video transcoding issue on the phone but today the wind was 10-15km...
  9. G

    Newbie from Belgium

    Hi all, purchased a new Mavic Pro. First flights have been great and stable, but I also quickly ran into the dreaded Jello video shake problem and am unsure what to do next (send it in to DJI for repair, finetune some parameters, add filters, .... So I will be thoroughly scanning this forum for...
  10. H

    Jello Video When Drone is Still

    Hi all, New Mavic owner here. Searched the forum and haven't seen a solution to jello with the drone LANDED and props OFF. Heres a sample: As you can see, there are severe stabilization issues even when the drone is not in flight with the props off, resting on the ground, minimal to no wind...
  11. A

    Video Ripples in 4K

    Good day, everyone - Brand new to both drone piloting as well as videography, so any help here would be greatly appreciated. Recently purchased a Mavic Pro and am in the process of learning everything about it - like how much easier it is to fly it with a tablet instead of a phone, why you...
  12. Sparky

    Has anyone got video shaking like this?

    For the first time today I tried going into sport mode on the Mavic Pro and noticed severe shaking of the video. I'm using a Nvidia shield K1 for the control tablet. Also using the new low noise props. Normally in non sport mode the video is much smoother. Update, just found out this...
  13. mikeGR

    Is this video footage normal?

    Hi guys, I have completed my first few flights with the Mavic and having returned home from my vacation where I used it I had a look at the clips taken and I think there's two issues: 1) Some sort of distortion/blurriness on the bottom edge appears at random. This happenned only on one of the...
  14. stapenhillphoto

    Jello static?

    Have shot some video with the Mavic and gotten great results. Once in awhile I get some jello or staticy looking junk. It's usually near the bottom quarter of the video. It's not from the props in the sun. I've seen that before. Would using a SD card that was too slow do this? Prop balance? Any...
  15. J

    Doc on common issues / solutions / settings for Newbs for Mavic Pro

    So I've been trawling YouTube videos and forums for the last week and ended up going round in circles so I've compiled a crib sheet on some of the Mavic Pro issues I've come across on my travels. Its specifically in reference to settings, common problems, solutions and rules of thumb...
  16. N

    Yet another **** jello post - please help

    Hi all I've been struggling with jello in my Mavic videos.. It usually happens in bright sunlight, but hey, the mavic should be able to fly and film without it happening at all, right? I should confirm that's the case - you other Mavic flyers are able to fly without ever seeing jello right...