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  1. TnDronePilot

    No longer for sale: Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo

    Selling my Mavic Air 2 to step up to Mavic 3 Enterprise M3T. The drone has never been crashed, dropped or damaged in any way and everything included was bought brand new by me. Asking $650 (Free CONUS USPS Ground Shipping) Package includes: MA 2 Drone (see flight log photo for total usage) Fly...
  2. koco2202

    Big thank you to this forum!!

    Before I mention one more time, BIG THANK YOU to the participants on this forum, let me explain how they saved me over $500-1000. I destroyed my drone (Mavic Air 2), it was totally my fault, the camera gimbal and the top left wing were completely destroyed, and since I don’t have DJI Care...
  3. D

    Error 30064 - Unable to take off- MA2

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for help across the whole internet, DJI support, technicians and every living person at this point. I crashed my Mavic air 2 in august. The left rear arm broke, ordered a replacement and replace it when it arrived. After that an error came to life. Error 30064...
  4. C

    MA2 survived 3 months in the woods

    This is a "crash story" with a happy ending. It attests both to the durability of DJI drones and to the high level of DJI customer service... In September, due to pilot error, I crashed my Mavic Air 2 into 50-ft-tall trees (height confirmed with the Flight Record). I could hear its Find My...
  5. Promavicpilot15390

    New from tunesia

    i am from the Netherlands but now living in Tunesia. I had a mini, ma2,and now have a ma2. First of all Please comment if you are younger than 18(i am 15) happy flying Promavicpilot
  6. mattcaz

    Litchi and Dronelink... which do you think is better and why?

    So I have litchi and the Hobbyist version of DroneLink but I haven't played with Litchi recently. Have any of you used both and if you're using Litchi, what about it makes it better than Dronelink? I realize there's a thread already for something like this but it's over a year old so thats why...
  7. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Aerial photos in west Gurnee, IL (40 miles N of Chicago) @200ft

    MA2 aerial photo in west Gurnee, IL at 200ft
  8. M

    MA2 forward vision sensor error & unable to calibrate

    Before leaving home to fly I check Everything on my drone before leaving.. A few days back I turned on the drone doing one of these pre checks and I received a forward vision sensor error. When I try to calibrate the sensors both sensor status images on assistant 2 We're completely black there...
  9. S

    I am in FCC or CE ?

    Hello Pilots! Long time lurker, First time posting here . I know it's a common question asked every other day but i believe my Country should be in CE region however my transmission seems to be in FCC mode , Kindly confirm if this is FCC or CE ?
  10. P

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico - Hello from Comerio, Puerto Rico

    Hello everyone, I am glad to me here. About 3-4 weeks ago I purchased a DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo. I have not had the time to make the flight. In my spare time I am watching videos and all information needed to make things right. By having vast knowledge of the product, DJI fly software...
  11. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Water tower in Lake County, IL

    May 1st MA2 around 75ftAGL
  12. N

    Air 2 Some recent shots with my MA2 around Sydney, Australia

    Just some recent shots I have taken with my Mavic Air 2. Hope you like them! Find more on my instagram:
  13. E

    Any goggles for the MA2? (none S)

    So my Bday is coming up and decided that I wanted to get some goggles for my Mavic Air 2 (none s). But from what i've seen the DJI FPV goggles don't work with it but those threads are about 1-1.5 years old. Is this still the case, do the DJI FPV 2 goggles work? If they don't what goggles do you...
  14. JohnNokomis

    Use laptop in place of phone/tablet to fly

    I love my MA2 but I'm looking for better control as a pilot. I feel like DJI should have a Windows/Mac version of DJI Fly. I assume they see that as above the consumer line of drones. My idea is to load Android 8.1 in a virtual machine running in Virtualbox on my Win 10 laptop. I have no idea if...
  15. K

    Air 2 First 4K video with mavic air 2 , Lixouri , Kefalonia , greece.

    Hello to the forum . This is the first 4K video , i made using only my new drone Mavic Air 2 , It's shows the hightlights of my small city , Lixouri , Kefalonia , Greece 2 days before the second lockdown of my area. below i attach the youtube links of the latest video and my channel with my...
  16. RandomGuy

    Air 2 Learning to fly and film

    Trying to get my head, and hands, around the Mavic Air 2 and video editing all at once.
  17. A

    Air 2 Drone run up an Arizona canyon

    I've only made a few flights with my MA2, but I'm really impressed with the detail in the videos even in Auto mode. This one was shot 4K60 with no post editing other than to join the clips, and the colors are washed out because of the low winter sun ... although I did use an ND16 filter to try...
  18. N

    Air 2 Summer paradise...

    Just some shots taken with my MA2 over the weekend around Nelson Bay and Hawks Nest in Australia. Make sure you add me on insta if you're into these here: Cheers!
  19. B

    MA2 and DJI Racing Googles

    Hello!! Do you know if any app or if there is a way to connect a MA2 with DJI Racing Googles? Thank