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  1. B

    Missions where photos of a foreclosing home are requested.

    Hey everyone, new member here. I recently started doing some one off jobs for dronebase, and every single job I get requires me to take photos of a home that's in foreclosure with tenants still occupying the premises. Recently I've been trying to complete a mission in a bad neighborhood in...
  2. D

    can Litchi record a mission real-time?

    Tried searching the net to see if this is possible, but most posts were 3-4 years old and so the feature may have been added since. Is it possible with Litchi to record a manual flight, then replay / re-fly that flight automatically? Not a pre-designed mission, but a live capture of a manual...
  3. D

    [Mapping] Why would you use a single grid mapping plan vs a double grid mapping plan?

    I just had a question about mapping and different uses i'm sure the answer is common sense however I wanted to be sure. Why would you use a single grid "Lawn Mower" style vs a Double Grid "Checkers board" style What does each provide that the other wouldn't? What is the pros and cons of...
  4. Pasquale Josepe

    MISSION BC - Vancouver Trails

    Welcome to Mission, BC. Vancouver has many cities surrounding it. Mission is one of the smaller ones and is butted up against some of the nicest lakes and mountains. This video showcases the backyard of Mission BC. As always, I appreciate any likes, comments or subscriptions to my YouTube...
  5. johngilkey

    Video on using Google Earth Pro to visually create Litchi missions

    I have uploaded a video to YouTube outlining how you can use Google Earth Pro and Litchi to visually create an automated mission. This is my first "How To" video so I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Here is the YouTube link:
  6. A

    Mavic Air Down! - lost in the Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape, South Africa

    I have only had my Mavic Air a few weeks, and still have a lot to learn from the wealth of tutorials on YouTube and this forum. Sometimes the best lesson is learnt from our mistakes, but with drones, that could potentially be a disaster and an expensive exercise. A recent trip in the...
  7. GJD

    Litchi mission

    I have created a few missions on the desktop and then logged in on the phone and all of the missions appear to have been loaded into a directory under Litchi. When I try to load a mission there is nothing on the screen to load But if I sign in then I get a list of missions to load and I can...
  8. ScottyV

    Confidence in Litchi mission

    (sorry if I missed a general thread about this....searched and didn't find anything, wanted to get a general and up-to-date consensus) I've flown just a few Litchi missions in front of my house where drone was always in sight, missions were short and an easy loop in front of me. I'm planning on...
  9. RGVCycling

    Rio Grande Valley droners

    Reaching to any fellow valley droners, I’m from the Mission area and I’m looking for places to fly. Today I’m heading out to Anzalduez park to fly there. There is an AMA field just past the entrance and remember seeing RC Planes flying every once in a while. I looked at Sal del Rey Wildlife...
  10. ThreeGs

    Litchi 4.1.2 on Android 6.0.1 Waypoint Mission Gimbal Problems [SOLVED]

    I have been running Litchi on my Nexus 7 for most of the year with no problems. I have a waypoint mission that I have been running regularly and all has been perfect. Then I upgraded the tablet to Android 6.0.1. The last time I ran my mission the gimbal kept running up and down repeatedly. It...
  11. W

    Litchi Bug(?): Gimbal Interpolate doesn't work when flying at slow speeds

    Hey guys, I've been scratching my head about this for a while thinking it was pilot error but I'm starting to think it's either a bug or just a hardware limitation. I've been using Litchi to film timelapses using the waypoint feature. Typically I'll just have a two point mission with only a...
  12. M

    Converting saved waypoints into mission

    Hi! Is there any way to fly a route by hand, save waypoints with the desired settings, and then create a mission from it in Litchi for example I would like to fly around a car in a recreatable way and I think it is difficult to set up a mission in Litchi with these small distances