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nd filter

  1. I

    Great free Polar Pro Filter app.

    You maybe already on it, but just in case, there's a great free app from polarpro that helps take the guess work out of ND filter selection BEFORE you take-off.
  2. heo3480

    Win Taco-RC ND filter (5 pk)

    You have the chance to win 5 Pack ND filter set wrapped in a nice protective case.
  3. Robert S

    ND filters - do they reduce flare and are they worth it?

    Hi. I have recently purchased a shiny new MP and am mainly interested in taking high quality stills. I have noticed there's a huge amount of flare when taking pictures anywhere near the sun - even if I use a lens hood without the gimbal cover. Do ND filters really reduce this flare, or would...

    What if the DJI Bubble that covers the camera was an ND Filter?

    What if that plastic bubble that DJI includes with the Mavic Pro was an ND Filter? Would it work? Well I saw some on the Lightake website, ordered them and tried them out. Conclusion... Interesting concept but not as good as a glass ND filter. However, if you have potential to damage your...
  5. M

    ND Polarized Filter - What do you recommend?

    I've been trying to dial in the image look on the MavicPro and quite frankly its a bit of a challenge to get what I want out of the camera, but not impossible. Right now I am looking for some recommendations you guys might have for a good ND Filter set that's also polarized. I'm looking to pop...
  6. B

    4K Stunning Drone Footage of Hong Kong

    Just dropping in to share my 4K aerial drone footage of Hong Kong shot in June 2017 before & after Typhoon Merbok. As you can imagine, it was quite windy to fly, wind speed was about 15 mph +. Surprisingly, my Mavic Pro seemed to hold it stable enough. What a good design in a small package. Hope...
  7. X

    ND Filters Best Video and Camera Setting - Need Help

    I had my Mavic Pro for a couple of months now and been flying for awhile without ND Filters. I need help especially on Video and Camera Settings. And what filter to use for cloudy, sunny and night flight. Please link any sample of your best footage with filters. Thanks in advance
  8. S

    Most used ND filter?

    Recently received a Mavic Pro as a gift and as my first drone I've been acclimating myself to the flying characteristics of the drone and gradually increasing what I do on each flight. I have a background in photo and video and normally use 4x4 solid and graduated ND filters in my photography...
  9. X

    Help - When to use correct ND Filters with right camera settings

    Hi. Im planning to buy ND Filters and i need to know the correct camera setting for it. Is it possible to use ND Filters on cloudy day? Please help...
  10. jontracey

    The effects of ND filters

    Hi Everyone New here but been flying for about 6 months (still learning and looking for any great tips) , I recently got my ND filters and created this video on their effect. Now before I start let me just say I know I could have fixed the blown out video by increasing the shutter speed, but...
  11. brentmwarren

    Any way to tell if a ND filter was used?

    Hey guys, Just got my Mavic a month ago, new to photography, etc.... I miraculously took some great pictures/video footage of the sky just after sunset. I THINK I accidentally used an ND filter. Is there any way to figure out within the photo or video information if I used a filter or not...
  12. TrayBoz

    Clarify filters names and functions: ND vs UV vs CP ?

    Can someone please clarify me the difference between these filter designations? I know the difference between polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. What is the difference between ND filters, UV filter, and CP filters? What do the letters CP stand for? When would I use each type...
  13. Cahd

    Sunset with the DJI Mavic Pro. Oversharpen?

    Hello, I've edited a short clip from a sunset. ND filters were used in the beginning. This time I did set sharpness to +1. No noise reduction in post. Do you think it's oversharpen? I appreciate your feedback. Cheers
  14. E

    Polar Pro Cinema Filters: Vivid vs. Shutter?

    Hello All, I'm a new member of the forum and a new drone owner but not new to drones or cameras in general. I'm looking into purchasing one of the Polar Pro Cinema series filter sets for my Mavic Pro, either the Vivid or the Shutter collection, in order to smooth out my footage. However...
  15. Barny19

    Mavic camera mod. Get perfect video with No ND filter!!

    Whilst searching for the best video setting and ND filter I came up with this modification that seams to work perfectly!! <iframe src="My Movie from David Lane on Vimeo" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">My...
  16. heo3480

    Video Tutorials - How to make BETTER video with Mavic

    3 tutorials that might help you make better and smoother video your Mavic Pro CINEMATIC footage with Point of Interest Active Track for CINEMATIC footage Do you need an ND FILTER? (ND Filter Tutorial)
  17. celurae

    Dutch Landscape

    One of my first ( and many to follow ) videos I created with the Mavic. This one was filmed above typical landscaping in The Netherlands, close to my hometown. Unfortunate I did find out I have the blur issue in right lower corner, so'll be sending it back to DJI soon :( Hope you like the video.
  18. heo3480

    Do you need an ND filter? Select the right filter for a given scene!

    Do you need an ND filter? How do you select the right filter for a given scene! I made this beginners tutorial covering the basics around ND filters for your Mavic Pro and to help you select the right ND filter for a specific scene/light.
  19. heo3480

    Unboxing Taco ND filter kit - ND 4, 8, 16, 32 + UV

    This kit contains ND 4, 8, 16 and 32 filters + 1 pcs. UV filter and a very nice case. The filter can stay on during gimbal calibration. Got it off ebay for $54, that seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.
  20. MikeC

    ND32 filter and activetrack while skiing