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polar pro

  1. 1471

    PolarPro variable ND filters

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using the PolarPro variable ND filters on other drones? I've been using a full set of Tapco ND's on my P3A for years which have been fine, just a faff to change (weather can be pretty changeable in the UK). I've got a MA2 on order and noticed that...
  2. mysticgnarwhal

    Some Beautiful shots of Oahu, Hawaii with the Mavic 2 Pro (PRE-CORONA)

    Hey all! I always appreciate the positivity of this community on here and always feel welcome to share my videos. This is a short travel film I created of my wife and I's first trip to Hawaii. All of the drone shots were from the Mavic 2 Pro. Please let me know what you think -- I appreciate...
  3. efendic12

    Obersdorf, Germany Berg Tour HDR Photo

    This was a 3-hour hike up to 1900m elevation with another 45min to reach a peak where I launched my M2Z. Needed to use my PolarPro ND64! Other settings were AEB 5 shot. All in raw
  4. FireRanger Tom

    Peaceful sunset over my hometown lake

    Hi all Enjoy this short clip of the sunset over the lake centred in my hometown, I thought the reflection on the water of the sky was really special to capture with the mavic pro :)
  5. C

    G'day, from Melbourne, VIC, Australia!

    Finally purchased my Mavic Pro. Looking forward to getting out as much as possible. Hit me up, if anyone is keen to smash out any decent spots around Victoria. Primarily I will be hitting national parks around Victoria and Tas (Hopefully). Calan
  6. I

    Buying ND Filters for your Drone? Don't Waste Money..

    Thinking of buying ND filters for your drone? Make sure you don't wast your money on buying the WRONG ones. Not all ND Filters are the same, they all do similar but different jobs.
  7. Rune-Norway

    CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness blocking signal

    Hi I use the CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness on my Inspire. I got the Polar Pro Crystalsky Remote Mount so the screen is above like on the Inspire radio. I have tested both with having the screen almost straight up and laying over the radio like on the photo (showing a smaller screen) On...
  8. M

    Mavic Pro - Norway, Oslo Opera at sunset a cold winterday

    Took my Mavic Pro out for a flight capturing the Oslo Opera house in Norway by Snøhetta architects at sunset a beautiful winterday. The building was finished in 2007 and lies at the seafront. The clean lines of the building is stunning! It is covered in a white italian marble, and the cool...
  9. I

    Getting Cinematic video with Mavic AIR ND Filters. How & Why..

    To get Cinematic video with DJI Mavic AIR, you need ND Filters. Struggling with them? Here's how to use & why you need them. Hope it helps.. Fly safe.
  10. A

    Polar Pro Katana - DJI Mavic combination

  11. A

    Mavic PRO in Romania

    Hello, I want to share with you some of my pictures taken with my Mavic :) DJI_0096-3 by Alin_Constantin posted Feb 13, 2018 at 4:47 PMDJI_0091-2 by Alin_Constantin posted Feb 13, 2018 at 4:47 PMDJI_0048-2 by Alin_Constantin posted Feb 13, 2018 at 4:47 PMDJI_0096-4 by Alin_Constantin posted...
  12. 787steve

    Polar pro with a twist

    If I buy the polar pro PL 3 pack, can I simply turn them 90 degrees if I don't want polarization? Or should I buy a mixed set?
  13. mysticgnarwhal

    ALASKA - The Last Frontier

    Hey all! After hours an hours of cutting my footage down, I finally finished my video from my trip to Alaska this past fall. It's not all drone shots, but I would appreciate if you would take a gander. The drone shots are all with the Mavic Pro and I used mostly the Polar Pro ND/4 Polarizer...
  14. I

    Using LUTs for Mavic Pro Videos

    Tried out the Aurora LUTs Pack From Polar Pro. 1st time using, not bad results. Anyone else using them? What others are there that are good? Cheers
  15. T

    Looking to buy Polar Pro ND filters Cinema Series-Vivid Collection

    Please, I need these ASAP. Willing to buy at a reasonable price! Thanks :)
  16. I

    ooohhh the new polar pro app is Mint

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
  17. D

    Always Use PL Filters?

    Hey all, I was shopping for ND and PL filters for my Mavic and came across the Polar Pro line. Looks like they have a few options for filters, with different stops and with or without polarization. However, I'm wondering why one wouldn't just get all polarized filters and use them any time you...
  18. SGM

    Katana techniques and settings Q.

    I've read the Katana threads and haven't found the info I need so I thought I would post to general forum for anyone using the Katana.I purchased the katana and have had some luck with it as it's perfect for areas you cant fly, but not happy with the results (which I am certain are all user...
  19. I

    Polar Pro ND Filters - Porto Santo Island

    My first attempt at making video with my Mavic Pro. Shot this whilst on holiday in Porto Santo, Portugal last month. Used the fantastic Polar Pro ND32 filter for nearly all this footage Enjoy! Comments welcome
  20. X

    Help - When to use correct ND Filters with right camera settings

    Hi. Im planning to buy ND Filters and i need to know the correct camera setting for it. Is it possible to use ND Filters on cloudy day? Please help...