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  1. Minion Blob

    6 packs (2 ea.) Genuine DJI Air 2/2S Low Noise Props in Sealed Packages

    Current AZN Prime cost is $11 ea. Ordered from Adorama. Since I’m not well-known here my eBay handle is “laszlos” for reference. I ship within 24 hrs of payment receipt, PP registered addresses US only. Shipping will be USPS First Class or similar service with Tracking Number. Price for...
  2. Yaros

    Minor crash - change propellers or not?

    Today I took off partially under a tree and then flew right into the tree, the drone got stuck, I retrieved it back and flew it one time, it flew okay after that. However, after checking the propellers, they are fine except that the paint is missing in some parts of the propeller. Should I...
  3. Yaros

    [POLL] DJI OEM Props vs Master Airscrew

    Hello, just wanted to know how many of you use Master Airscrew or other brand propellers, so I created this poll!
  4. yacoob

    Propeller check request

    Scored a scrape against a stone wall during landing - tight space, updraft from the drone wobbled it into a wall. The propellers got warped a bit at the ends: I've replaced them just in case - but I don't really know whether this was warranted. I can check how does the drone fly with them...
  5. kimpanattoni

    Carbon Fiber ID and Tip Chips?

    Heya everyone, Kim here: I was wondering as I read all of the Carbon Fibre prop threads... My roomie's MP Platinum came with a set of what appear to be CF props, but I am not certain now as I read about all of the wraps and other misnomers regarding CF. I am posting this particular question...
  6. Drone UK

    Stealth Mavic Props Detailed Review VS OEM

  7. P

    How to Protect MM Propellers when folded ...

    Best regards from Portugal, Now, if I may, I will suggest something, we all know that storage is not perfect, even inside the provided transportation case ( in MM Combo ), some of the times the very sensitive "blades" can bend or scuf... But to protect the propellers, a simple unexpensive...
  8. WarrenJ

    Mavic Pro Platinum Low Noise Propellers will they work on a Mavic Pro?

    I have a Mavic Pro and I am wondering if the Mavic Pro Platinum Low Noise Propellers will work on my Mavic Pro? What propellers give the quitest noise level? Thanks Warren
  9. pyrolator

    Low Noise Props DIY, your opinion ?

    Fond this Vid in the DJI-Forum: Whats your opinion ?
  10. seowashdc

    Mavic Pro Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers...Thoughts?

    Just curious...who here has used the Mavic Pro Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers? Thoughts on them? They aren't expensive, but I am wondering if those of you have used them would share your thoughts on the drone's performance? Did you see noticeable improvement? TIA,
  11. D

    Propeller question

    Getting my new MP ready for flight and the manual says to put the propellers with the white stripes on the mounts with the white, and to put the propellers without on the ones without. My issue is that all 6 propellers that were in the box have the white lines on them. So my question is, can I...
  12. S

    Mavic Air - Noise levels

    I'm curious about the Mavic Air noise levels but I don't see any reference to this on the official Specs page. On the Casey N You Tube video he seems impressed by how quiet it is when it starts and takes off. Anyone know what the noise level actually is? Oddly enough the noise levels of the...
  13. J

    Very minor crash - diagnostics

    Good afternoon, I just purchased a MavicPro yesterday. Unfortunately, I made a newbie error. I got too close to a tree and the propellers clipped some of the very small (pencil thin) branches. The drone spun around a bit but then righted itself and I was able to land safely. There doesn't...
  14. E

    Cheap Low-Noise Props

    Just about when I was getting a 2 set of low noise props from DJI website, I noticed the shipping to my country (Portugal) was more expensive than the blades themselves (20€ for the blades + 28€ shipping). I then searched for alternatives and found these Original Props: Original DJI Mavic...
  15. jontracey

    8331 low noise propellers, are they worth it ?

    So my 8331 low noise propellers finally showed up, so time to see are they really any better than the standard ones. I did a side by side comparison and measured the noise
  16. Gringorio

    Prop imperfections

    Does anyone else sand off the raised number tag that sits on the leading edge of the prop? I do, and I think it helps a *tiny* bit with noise reduction. When you feel the original bumps with your finger compared to a sanded-smooth version the difference seems pretty dramatic, especially for...
  17. S

    Low-Noise Propeller Swap

    Does anyone know if the New Platinum's Quiet Props can be used on the standard Pro to reduce the noise even a little? I understand there are motor differences as well that contribute to the muting, but if the props can be swapped to muffle the Pro even a little, that would be nice.

    DJI Low Profile Spark Propeller Case

    DJI Spark Low Profile Prop Case. Protect your spare propellers from nicks & disfigurement. This case was designed with size & portability in mind. Now you can carry your spare propellers around without worry of damage. Damage & Disfigurement can throw off the balance of your propellers...
  19. V

    Propeller comes off mavic pro

  20. MavicMikeGA

    Props Tangled in Grass: Question about motor obstruction warning

    I landed in some grass that was just tall enough to touch the blades. The blade snagged the grass and the Mavic flipped over so that all 4 blades are now in the grass (lesson learned, landing pad ordered). They could not turn but the motors kept trying for a full 5 seconds before I could stop...