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  1. S

    Bad camera quality help??

    Hi, I’m new here, not sure how this works to be honest, but I’m hoping if I post this someone will see and can help me out. I bought my first drone recently, it says it has HD 4K camera but the quality is pretty rubbish. Is there a way to change my camera? What cameras do you recommend etc...
  2. Yaros

    Video is worse quality than photo - Why is that?

    So, I have noticed a while ago that the Mavic Air 2 takes incredible quality photos, even in the normal 12MP mode. But when it comes to video, it's a bit different. I didn't think much about it, but now I'm wondering, why is that? I took a video in 4K Wide 60FPS Normal Mode, D-Cinelike Color...
  3. pommy

    ND Filters degrading image?

    Hey all, I wondered if the included DJI ND filters in my Air 2S fly more kit could be negatively affecting my still shots? That extra layer of glass maybe? I leave an ND4 on all the time to protect the lens - but whatever filter I use, the pics just don’t seem to be a crisp/define/detailed as...
  4. B

    Mavic Mini footage not sharp

    Hello everyone, I bought my DJI Mavic Mini yesterday but after shooting a lot of footage and rewatched it on my computer i found out my footage is not sharp. I looked up a lot of DJI mini unedited footage and it doesnt look anything like my footage. I find the sky looks a lit blurry with dots...
  5. S

    Mavic Air. low Photo And Video Quality

    Hey guys. i bought a new drone 1 week ago and i used today. and i took some photos when i come home , i downloaded photos on go 4 app, but quality is very low, how can i change photo quality?
  6. C

    Mavic 2 HD Stream

    Real quick question, the stream or feed that you are seeing on the app from your smartphone while flying or even after from within the app (cached files) I believe that to not be true 1080P HD, the quality seems less than that from within the app. Your thoughts?
  7. B

    My second video - Hate, love or just a grey in between

    Like to get some feedback on my video. Hate or love it? Would be great to hearthstones you think. Watch it here Thanks in advance Jacob
  8. M

    camera quality

    hi, i wonder what i am doing wrong, i think photos i take whit my mavic look bad, or is this normal ? i think they look blurry, i have played alot of round whit diffrent settings, resetting all of the settings and recalibrate everything
  9. C

    Mavic Air WiFi - iPhone Screen Quailty

    Quick question from a newb.... Do you ever get lag on your iPhone screen in areas you’ve flown before where you never experienced lag on the video stream? For instance, I fly in a park where I have never experienced any loss of screen quality or lag from the stream to my iPhone, but when I flew...
  10. PhotoAdventures

    Few annoying issues on my Mavic Air

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so I'm gonna start with a little presentation of myself. My name is André and I'm from Portugal. I'm 26y old and recently I started following my dream of becoming a Landscape Photographer, I quit my 7-year job as a Meteorologist and since October 2017...
  11. RoadieMunky

    Image/Video quality question

    Hi all, I was wondering why in my pictures and videos some things, like the trees in the below picture, are... blurry (for lack of a better word). The trees in the foreground of this picture seem ok, but the trees in the background have no sort of definition (blurryness). I get the same in my...
  12. D

    Difference between Mavic video and Phone video

    Hi guys, Just got my Mavic Pro today.. loving it so far! Just a question though, when I take video, it seems to save a copy on my phone. I believe that is a cached copy, but it is the same quality as the video saved on the Mavic SD card? I have tried connecting my Mavic to my iMac and no luck...
  13. K

    Using a Phone vs. Tablet while Flying... Recommendations?

    Hi everyone, I've been using my iPhone 6s when I'm flying the Mavic Pro and I'm curious if it makes a huge difference to use a tablet that has a larger screen. What do you think? Is it really worth it to get a tablet? Any words of advice, previous experiences are appreciated. Make it a great...
  14. K

    Video Quality Issues

    Hello all, I've been flying my mavic for quite a bit and recently realized that the video quality is terrible. I did some research on the internet and saw that especially the first generation mavics can have technical problems because there was a lot of demand at that time and DJI decided to...
  15. P

    DJI service is horrible!!!!

    Got a Mavic in February and really liked it. Then I got a vision sensor problem about 4 months after getting it. DJI told me to format SD card and update firmware. That worked, so all good. 2 weeks later got same thing so I repeated the procedure and and nothing worked. Tried recalibrating...
  16. thefrisbee995

    This quality is amazing!

    So I got a P4P when the Mavic came out as the delivery took too long. I recently switched my P4P for a Mavic... I got the Mavic knowing the P4P is probably a lot better in terms of video quality... When I saw how small the Mavic camera was my heart kind of sunk and I thought I had made a...
  17. M

    DJI Mavic Pro - Color Profile Normal

    Hi Mavic Pilots, I tried out several color profiles and have to say that the normal profile gives me a really decent video quality. I have set my sharpness to +1 and I have the feeling that this gives me the most natural video. Anything that's not that good about the normal color profile? I...
  18. markyodo

    Testing image quality the right way?

    I received the Mavic on Sunday and I want to make sure I have a reliable product within my return / exchange period. Step 1 was the calibrations. I did them all. Step 2 was the flight test. I flew for about 90 min yesterday. I tested maneuvering, signal strength, flight modes, precision...
  19. R

    Sending My Little Oil Painting Maker Back for a Second Time!

    I am sending mine back for the second time for the oil paining effect. Seems like occasionally (and I mean only occasionally) if I format the SD card and reset camera settings that I get a good video. But, the moment I change to an Art or DLog setting and change back to a Standard mode the...
  20. M

    Mavic Photo Quality is AWFUL... Please help!

    Hi guys, As I am looking around at everyone's footage from the Mavic, I'm noticing that the still photos that come off of mine are very low resolution compared to everyone else... The resolution straight off the SD card is 960x720 shot in RAW. A few samples are attached to this thread. If...