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  1. J

    Rule Changes Since 2017

    Hi All, As a quick background, I had a Phantom 3 Pro back in 2017(ish) but ended up selling it for a variety of reasons. I'm now thinking of picking up a Mavic 2 Pro and getting back into the hobby. I was looking at the rules on the FAA site and noticed quite a few changes, but wanted to make...
  2. MarshMadness

    LAANC Unavailable

    So I’m new to flying altogether and am piloting a Mavic Mini in Greenville, SC. There are a few parks in Greenville that are larger and nicer (Conestee Park and Falls Park for the locals) that I was planning on flying in, but they’re covered by authorization zones due to nearby airports. Tried...
  3. DJ Wes

    What documentation do you carry with you when flying?

    I am a recreational flier in the USA. I try to fly without bringing attention to myself so I usually avoid people if I can and try to fly where there are no people. When I have been approached, I have had some positive interactions and some less than positive. One of the positive interactions...
  4. Ace79

    Flying for fun under 107

    I am sure this has been asked 100 times so I apologize for it, but I could not find the exact answer I was looking for. I hold my 107 certification, but like anyone here I like to fly for fun as well. I know I am still allowed to fly for fun, but am I allowed to use my 107 perks to fly for...
  5. Robert S

    Wanted - third party liability insurance for Switzerland

    I am an Australian resident planning a trip to Switzerland in September and wish to fly my Mavic Pro. I don't hold a commercial licence. The Swiss rules aren't unduly restrictive, but require you to hold third party cover up to sFr1 million, and to be able to provide documentation on request...
  6. T

    400 Feet Limit Bypass?

    So recently I have heard that drone users are allowed to fly over 400 feet AGL if they are flying within 400 feet of a large structure. (Ex. A user can fly 400 feet over a 300-foot water tower for a total AGL measurement of 700). I was wondering two things: 1) Is this information true? 2) If...
  7. I

    Recreation Drone Insurance guide UK - What's available?

    Still no "all-in" drone insurance for recreational UAV flyers in the UK. Some cover PL, some accident/theft etc, a few cover fly-aways, most don't. The recreational market must be a potential goldmine for an insurance company that ticks the right boxes. Who do you use? He's a quick over view of...
  8. N

    Airmap .. Submission of notification/authorization request

    I am using Airmap to tell me what the restrictions are around places I intend to fly. However I still have a few question on the use of this app. I am going to throw out a few understandings .. if any of it is wrong, someone please correct me. First.. I fly for fun. Not a commercial flyer. So...
  9. M

    Joe Foss Field - flying under recreational rules

    Anyone in the Sioux Falls area ever call the airport per the recreational rule requirements before flying? if so, what was the response? Do they have a contact number for this purpose?