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  1. Garatshay

    Is NAV CANADA failing the drone community

    Canadian Advanced Certificate holders are able to authorize flight in Controlled Airspace using an app called Nav Drone. But, are the conditions set for automated approval in the app being fairly decided. Watch this video to make your own decision and see whether you think NAV CANADA is failing...
  2. Yaros

    Incorrect drone rules in news article

    I have found a news article from 2021 which talks about someone getting fined for flying a drone (Inspire 2) over a school, over the kids. Fair enough, but later they mention the drone regulations in Mallorca (well, back in 2021) but they are completely wrong. Check this out: Click to enlarge...
  3. D

    Mavic Air 2 FAA Classification?

    So with the new FAA regulations, can anyone tell me how to determine what classification the Mavic Air 2 is? Noob pilot and trying to get as much info as I can to ensure both safe and legal flying. Category 1: A Category 1 drone represents “a low risk of injury” to humans and therefore...
  4. ckoerner

    Idea: Drone Photographers Rights Card

    About a decade ago photography blog PetaPixel created a Photographers Rights Gray Card Set. The small, pocket-sized cards outlined at a high level the rights you have as a photographer, while also acting as easily accessible white balance reference cards. Introducing the Photographers Rights...
  5. L

    Need learning material for A2 drone exam

    Hello. I am going to take an exam for flying A2 category drone. I have purchased a DJI Mavic air 2 without realising that it weighs more than 500g which means I must take an A2 cat exam. The topic for the exam : knowledge of the technical and operational mitigations for ground risks They do not...
  6. E90RAW


    I have read many posts on the internet, and even this forum of people doing pretty outrageous things with their drones. Videos abound of hacking your drone to go higher and faster. People fly over cities or invade airspace illegally, oblivious to the law. The question that continues to pervade...
  7. I

    Clueless, Careless & Criminal Which are you?

    Clueless, Careless & Criminal ... Shocking statement from the head of Unmanned traffic Management at NATS on how they classify drone users to the government Science & Technology committee... truly has to be a "Gerrald Ratner" Moment Read more here: Clueless, Careless & Criminal: New NATS Drone...
  8. B

    Where does the sky become FAA?

    I don't think this has even been hammered out yet in the courts, but where does the sky come under the jurisdiction of the FAA? I asked because there is an interesting story over here: NASCAR teams up with DroneShield to bring down unwanted drones at racing events Basically NASCAR has...
  9. S

    Sectional Chart Question- "For reasons of National Welfare Pilots Are Requested to Avoid Flights Below 2400 MSL"

    Hello All, Has anyone seen a notice on a sectional chart similar to this? This is an area just south of Charlottesville, VA. I was hoping to fly my drone right around Batesville (on the map). I am Part 107 certified and the property on which I'd be flying is owned by the company I work for, so...
  10. B

    Filming Regulations When Flying Part 107

    Hello! I was wondering if there are any kinds of regulations that would prevent me from using footage I captured from my drone commercially. Example: If I filmed a local park and abided by all FAA Regulations and made sure I followed the local ordinances in regards to taking off and landing is...
  11. T

    400 Feet Limit Bypass?

    So recently I have heard that drone users are allowed to fly over 400 feet AGL if they are flying within 400 feet of a large structure. (Ex. A user can fly 400 feet over a 300-foot water tower for a total AGL measurement of 700). I was wondering two things: 1) Is this information true? 2) If...
  12. MalM61

    Drone Registration Coming to Australia? CASA media release

    Extract from CASA media release 11 May 2018: AUSTRALIAN 11.5 P27 DRONE REGISTRATION ON REGULATION WISH LIST The potential for recreational drone users to face further regulations has increased after a report by the nation's civil aviation watchdog backed mandatory registration for gadgets...
  13. A

    UAV Regulation Macau

    Most Macanese drone pilots should know that in Macau if you don't have a special license it isn't legal to fly above 30m (98.5 ft). Is there any problem if someone flies above the limit (50m for example)? I'm a beginner with the "luck" of living in a place where drone rules are very strict...
  14. HiKen51

    Washington Proposed Drone Law HB1049

    I just read Washington State HB1049, which is in committee at this time. It appears to me that it would make it illegal to fly a drone over any private property, and make it possible for any farmer to sue you for flying over his farm, or for the local gendarme to arrest you for same. Check it...
  15. K

    Drone Laws in Estonia (Tallinn Specifically)

    Hi, pilots, I'm wondering whether there's anyone here from Tallinn - Estonia, that could help me figure out what are the Drone regulations and restrictions there. I'm spending a week or so right after new years eve there and I'm planning ahead of time to bring my Mavic Pro along. I'm departing...
  16. Mimis Simos

    Greece drone rules - DAGR

    Hello all, this is an information post regarding drone rules in Greece. The only official source regarding drone flying in Greece is Hellenic CAA's Drone Aware - GR (also called DAGR, website: From the application intro: Drone Aware - GR (DAGR) is a real-time UAS (drone)...
  17. F

    Any Drone Pilot in Panama?

    Hi, I'm trying to create a group o pilots living in Panama, so we can help and exchange information related to drone regulation, issues, etc in this country. So if you fly a drone here, please join the thread! Fly safe! Rod.
  18. N

    France & Luxembourg drone laws

    I'm going to Luxembourg and France in March. I see online that both countries require some paperwork, and Luxembourg mentions a big fee to be paid (€619). Definitely can't afford that, but I'd love to do just a little bit of hobby filming. Anyone living out there, or who has travelled there -...
  19. Cookedinlh

    Why BVLOS is Over-Rated

    I've written about and flown well beyond my own line of sight and published some "BVLOS Best Practices" but . . I'm coming to the realization that NOT allowing BVLOS is really . . in a very practical sense . . is a "feel good exercise" for regulators and law makers. There is little Flight...
  20. Cookedinlh

    NEW Regulatory Thinking

    What constitutes a reason for the weight classification? and Why should we regulate? This needs to be resolved before we blanket new drone technology and capabilities with the existing control and safety logic with regulations we've relied on for the past 50 years. UAVs especially the small ones...