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  1. egearing

    My first flight - bad packaging and hot iphone 12

    So, I received my mini 2 from adorama and the packaging wasn’t very good. The shippers didn’t put any bubble wrap or peanuts in the shipping box which in turn allowed the shipping box to get crushed on one side. This affected the “Fly More Combo” box as well. It got crushed on one side as well...
  2. ckoerner

    The DJI Care Refresh Express Experience (for me)

    I wanted to give back in a small way to this community and share my recent experiences with DJI shipping and Care Refresh. A little context. I live in St. Louis, MO USA – the middle part. All times are my local time. California is two hours behind Missouri. I'm a middle-aged dad who rides a...
  3. F

    Shipping Time

    I ordered my Mavic Mini today, anyone know how long it takes to ship? Side Questions: Is there like a way to subscribe to this Mavic Mini forum or smthn?
  4. desertvet38

    Star Lofoten (General Cargo Ship)

    This monster was moored in Gibsonton, right off of Tampa Bay this evening, so I went down there near sunset to get some video and some pics from my DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. I won't go there at sunset again...the sun faces directly into my lens where the best composition is, and it pretty much...
  5. I

    Postman Pat Killed my Drone ! How to avoid losing ££$$

    If you are selling drone equipment via ebay etc be careful how you are shipping your kit, especially batteries. You could end up losing the lot & insurance will not pay out! This happened last week (NOT ME) and is happening more often. So follow the tips so it doesn't happen to YOU!
  6. C

    DJI Shipping - What is the story!

    Hi all. I ordered a Mavic Pro battery, new props and a few other bits and pieces for the DJI store a few weeks ago and still nothing has been shipped. The battery failed on my Mavic (cell imbalance) after only 62 charges.. I fly model planes etc, I know the issues with Lipo balancing but for...
  7. R

    getting mavic air?

    Hello. I'm actually from Saudi Arabia and I was wondering if I could get the magic air via Amazon? or would I face troubles and not get it shipped? also I was wondering if I would be facing troubles if I told someone to get it for me from the US would it be troublesome for the person in the...
  8. K

    Did anyone from Europe ordered from FStop Labs?

    Hello, as in Germany or Europe I couldn t find anyhere ND-PL Filters for Mavic Air in stock, I ordered a set from Fstop Labs, thinking they re shipping from US. Little did I know that "all international orders are shipped from China/Hongkong", so: Did anyone from Europe ordered from FStop Labs...
  9. Swing4TheRing

    The Little Tugboat that Could

    Watched this tugboat push a large barge out of the harbor... freshwater shipping at it's finest!
  10. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.
  11. thefrisbee995

    Shipping Mavic From France to UK (eBay)?

    So I'm looking at buying a Mavic and maybe replacing my P4P. I have seen a listing on eBay for £850. This is a lot cheaper than in UK stores. Does this sound legit to you guys? I've bought "bargains" from Australia before and they have resulted in me paying fat import fees. This should be fine...
  12. kennedye

    Oh hey look, my second battery finally shipped a month later

    Ordered the MP along with the bag, the filters, the tablet shade, and a second battery on 2/17 from DJI's online store - the MP showed up at the beginning of March, and just got notice that the battery has finally shipped. No word on any of the other parts of the order yet. I feel pretty...
  13. Vilco

    Ordered MP+FM yesterday morning, DJI page already says "Shipped"

    Forget the 3-5 days shipment: I ordered a MP plus Fly More and DJI Care yesterday at 10AM. Now, after just a little more than 24 hours, it says Shipped. How long will it take to get to Italy? A couple of weeks?
  14. thefrisbee995

    Have they fixed the shipping times yet?

    I've been out of them loop on here for a while now. I have a P4P so I've been over on phantom pilots. My question is, how long does it take to ship a Mavic now in the UK? Is there still massive delays?
  15. N

    Change Shipping Address?

    Am I able to Change the shipping address for a dji direct order? I'm going home for Christmas break.
  16. MPPilot

    Best Buy bests Amazon

    I was a couple of days late when ordering my Mavic Pro from Amazon so of course my delivery date has been pushed back several times. A month later I placed an order with Best Buy. Three days ago Amazon notified me that my new availability date was late January. The Best Buy order continued to...
  17. Brubaker

    New news from DJI (Nov 3rd, 2016)

    Mavic Pro Shipping Update, Nov. 3, 2016 Dear DJI Customers: We owe you an apology for our delays in delivering the new Mavic Pro. We want to thank you for your patience and also advise that we are looking into improving our order process and systems, based largely on your feedback. When we...
  18. M

    'Fly More' bundles to start shipping today (10/25)!

    I feel this is pretty newsworthy, since I think a good half of us are on the hook for bundles... Source: Mavic Pro Update
  19. D

    Get your DJI tracking number early by searching for it here

    I've developed a simple tool that everyone may use in an attempt to locate their tracking number earlier than DJI might otherwise provide it to you. Feel free to try it out and see if anything is found. If your order has been shipped by DJI, then your tracking number should be automatically...
  20. Cookedinlh

    Anyone notice MAVIC shipped yesterday?

    Mavic Pro Shipping Notice & Firmware Release Note