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  1. jarborra

    Summer flying: Sweden and California

    Some shots from this summer: flew the Mavic Air over four different locations in Sweden and five along the Californian coast. Music by Blackwell. Edited in 4K in iMovie on MBP15 2018.
  2. T

    Nightflying in Stockholm, Sweden

    Filmed with Mavic Pro.
  3. H

    [First Attempt] Norrland, Sweden with my Mavic Pro

    Hello all, I thought I would share my first Mavic Pro video. I don't have any experience editing videos, or color grading etc. I do photography as a hobby so do have some experience in photoshop. This was all filmed in manual D-Log, with ND8/16 filters and edited in Premiere Pro. Small look at...
  4. T

    Newbie from the forests of Sweden!

    Hejsan pilots! Just ordered an arctic white Mavic Air, with 2 extra batteries! Also pre-bought the new 'red' iPhone 8 plus 256gb to go with this little baby. This will be my first drone. Been looking for a drone very ambitiously over the last couple of weeks now. I've been depressed for a...
  5. AirBuzzOne

    The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs, Sweden - short 4K drone film

    The remote Swedish scrapyard where old cars rust in peace! I woke up at 04:00, packed my camera gear and Mavic Pro drone and began a two-hour drive to catch the sunrise over the fantastic car cemetery deep in the woods. I’ve been here many times before, but this time I wanted to try something...
  6. AirBuzzOne

    Drone pictures of Båstnäs Car Cemetery!

    I woke up at 04:00, packed my camera gear and Mavic Pro drone and began a two-hour drive to catch the sunrise over the fantastic car cemetery deep in the woods. I've been here many times before, but this time I wanted to try aerial photography. Total silence, no people around, beautiful light...
  7. logge

    Walking on frozen lake in Sweden - Lessons learned

    I recently visited Sweden and since it was -15 degrees C (5 F) the nearby lake was completely frozen over. A great opportunity to go for a walk and of course to take the Mavic for a spin. In the video you'll also see the traditional Swedish ice transportation device: The Kick (Spark) Lessons...
  8. logge

    Amazing never before seen footage! Santa caught on drone video!

    Was just out causally flying in my parents backyard when I managed to capture this. A once in a lifetime opportunity for sure! Santa is definitely coming to town. (Edited on my iPad...) Merry Christmas and thanks for all good advice I got during the year :-)
  9. R

    Mavic pro in snowy sweden

    My second drone video, please have a look and leave a comment for the video
  10. Garuda

    Ninja Props (8331 on old Mavic)

    Had some spare time and wanted to test out the new propellers (8331), new flymodes and show off my tabletsetup etc. Pretty pointless video but maybe someone finds it intresting!? LOL - Filmed on the swedish westcoast.
  11. J

    Road Trip to Norway | 4K - My First Post

    A spontaneous and fast 36 hours road trip with my dad. From Arjeplog , Sweden to Norway. To take some droneshoots over the road in Junkerdal before it closes and re-opens for cycling only. Now, afterwards, I thought that the video was a little to long... perhaps... What do u think? :)
  12. V

    Grretings from Stockholm, Sweden

    New Mavic owner (bought it 21 June 2017) and will mainly use it for fun. Living in the south of Stockholm and just outside the airports control zone (Thank God)
  13. logge

    Sweden from above - A Mavic beginner

    Two videos from my last visit to Sweden. These are my first attempt at editing drone videos so would be grateful for any feedback that could make future attempts better. The first one is from a small village in the country side, with a typical Swedish house, surrounded by forest, lakes and fields.
  14. Jet747

    Chicago, US to Sigtuna, Sweden

    Forgive the jerky parts, I'm definitely a newbie and this is my second attempt at making a video. Video taken in Sigtuna, Sweden with permission from landowner. Sigtuna, Sweden July 2017
  15. sailbrah

    Sweden and Norway

    Hi everyone, just finished my trip around Scandanavia and Norway. Still learning with my mavic so messed up plenty of shots but managed to scrape some footage together. Feedback welcome, enjoy! Edit: For those who haven't seen it, my previous video
  16. V

    Drone law sweden

    This looks like good News for swedes to get airborne legally again,hope so at least:/ Fritt fram för kamera på drönare | Drone Sweden – För drönare i Sverige
  17. V

    Flying in Sweden...

    Hello all,totally new to drones,but not to RC ,albeit quite a few years....i bought a mavic while abroad,knowing about the rules back in Sweden,and the new laws to be refreshed in august.just curious what anybody else is doing at the mo???you still fly???if so,Have you had any...
  18. X

    Hello from Sweden

    Hello everyone! I just signed up here after I have had my Mavic for about a month. I am extremely impressed with what it can do and all of the features that follow. Unfortunately Sweden has a ban on drones equipped with a camera which is really frustrating but hey, there's at least an option...
  19. C

    Flying in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

    I am going on a trip on Norway, Sweden and Denmark next month and will be bringing along my mavic pro with me. I wish to know several things.. 1. Can I bring it along in a hand carry bag inside the plane? (SAS Airlines- Scandinavia Airlines) Or is it better to put it on a checked-in luggage to...
  20. J

    Mavic Deliveries - Nordic countries

    Could be nice to see who in the Nordic countries has received theirs Mavic, or are still waiting. Where did you purchase it from? And which package did you go for? I have ordered a Fly More Combo from in Norway, on the 27th of october. Only a mail regarding the 7-8 weeks wait, and...