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  1. chezedog

    Advice For First-Time Landscape Shooter

    It looks as though practice flights using the IFMs may not be possible before I'm required to shoot video at a local regional park. It's a 2.5 acre preserve, pretty flat. No one will be there, someone will meet us to unlock the gate. Without ever trying them out, I'm inclined to use tripod...
  2. getgoodgear

    Using Mavic Pro as a handheld camcorder on tripod

    Hi fellow pilots, I am a newbie to Mavic pro, I was wondering if anyone has had success using the Mavic pro as a replacement for a standard video camera. I currently use a Cannon 80D and Cannon XA10 but instead of using three camera's I though I could use the Mavic Pro as an all in one. I...
  3. S

    Tripod mode in the forest

    Some test footage using the amazing tripod mode.
  4. John Gowland

    Litchi and tripod.

    Thought I would have another go at Litchi. Loved it but it never had tripod mode which I use such a lot. Wow now has it. Been using all day but thought I would check in any recent discussions. Seems it's been out a month! I really do keep up with things :( And, as also been discussed, you can...
  5. C

    "Under the Bridge" - A relaxing 6 minute flight in one take with Dji Mavic Pro -

    This is my first video using a drone (my Dji Mavic Pro) and this is basically a Proof of Concept for an idea I have for a while. Shoot at 30fps in 4k with 100 ISO and 60 Shutter (D-CineLike video) using a 16 ND filter. In post-production, I used the CineSpace Look with minor adjustments. Hope...
  6. tonimaker

    Can't use the intelligent flight modes. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi there! I've had the Mavic Pro for a week now, and everything is fine, except for one thing. I can't access the intelligent flight modes on the Mavic Pro. I followed all the instructions. I am in p-mode, the battery is over 50%, and I am higher than 3 meters from the ground! When I select...
  7. kcoleman805

    Where is tripod mode?

    Sometimes when I fly and want to switch over to tripod it is right there alongside the other modes for me to choose from. But other times, like today, I can the Mavic in the air and went to the flight modes section and tripod mode wasn't available to select. Why is that? Please help!
  8. domination

    Repeated iPhone 7 Plus disconnect in Tripod and Gesture modes?

    New to this hobby, have had my Mavic for a little over month. Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase. However, having dealt with consumer electronics for so long and considering the incredible amount of technology crammed into this Modern Marvel, my "new tech pain threshold" is...
  9. D

    Tripode vs cinematic mode

    What is the difference between the Cinematic mode vs Tripod mode in Mavic?
  10. T

    Tripod mode - your very own steadycam-rig. So cool!

    Didn't quite pay attention to the tripod mode before I got the Mavic in my hands, but now after a few tests, it's fantastic! Like having your own steadycam, but being able to fly it around. Gives huge possibilities in thicker forests and nature as a whole. Did a few shots here, really impressed:
  11. heo3480

    Amazing tripod mode

    Tried out tripod mode indoor yesterday, it's amazing how stable it is. We did have to trick it into OPTI mode, by turning it upside down and expose the light sensor. Seems it requires a good amount of light to start. Once airborne it was stable as a rock. Is this a general problem?