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  1. koco2202

    I crushed my drone - need replacement/upgrade

    Hello friends, drone pilots, I recently crushed my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone (totally my fault), and broke the camera gimble, I attached photos so you can have better idea. Since I really can't live without flying, I do travel a lot, I have couple of questions. I found a brand new drone, same as...
  2. K

    Drone upgrade dilemma

    Hello dear pilots, hope you're all having a great time flying, I crashed a Mavic 2 Pro yesterday and my boss asked me to repair it and also buy a better one. (so we have 2 drones in total) 90% of my work is still images day and especially night, very rarely video. Doing some homework I found...
  3. M

    Mavic Air 2 Phone upgrade

    I know, I know. This subject has been discussed 1000000x times. But at this point I would welcome any 1st hand experience/feedback on a phone upgrade compatible with my Mavic Air 2. The following parameters/notes should ideally help with your reply, as my goal is to purchase a phone that works...
  4. R

    Mavic mini 2 firmware upgrade and downgrade with assistant 2 2.1.0.exe

    Downgrade RC-N1 to firmware v2.00.1200 for better distance and more stable V. 4.0. Firmware is for air s2 not as good as v2. 00.1200 which is for mavic mini 2 and I've done 6.5 miles on mine. V4.0 kept losing connection Here's my video on how to do this!
  5. ShadowCat

    Mavic Air, Air 2, 2 Pro and Zoom Smart Controller upgrade to version V01.00.0820

    Had a suspicion a few would have problems with this The best way I found to fix a smart controller stuck at 99% for the version V01.00.0820 and this should work for most smart controller upgrades. I gather quite a few people are trying to upgrade their controllers to take advantage of Mavic Air...
  6. A


    Hello everyone, I have Mavic Pro fly more combo now for more than a year. It is most of the time in my drawer, but when the weather is nice or I am shooting something commercially I really enjoy my flying. I am thinking about my investment and how it stays in my drawer most of the time, however...
  7. S

    DJI Mavic Pro STEALTH Propellers - Master Airscrew Upgrade Premium Pack x4

    I'm looking for more information on the performance on those blades. There is no much information beside few reviews on youtube and couple of people here at Mavic Pilots. I'm new to the Mavic Pro but have a ton of experience with drones - Phantom and 3D robotics as well as many custom rigs. On...
  8. Hawkeye

    Should I update from 01.03.0800 to the lastest firmware? - New Mavic, New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I just got my Mavic and haven't flown it yet. I already activated it and was wondering if I should update from 01.03.0800 (out of the box) to the latest firmware or just leave it as it is. What would be the pros and cons of my current firmware vs the latest? I'm on iOS (iPhone...
  9. markyodo

    Should I upgrade? 1.03.0700

    I am at FW release 1.03.0700 and it's been stable and without annoying messages. I haven't really felt the need to upgrade but it's been awhile so I thought I would ask if I should? Thanks in advance for your advice. ;)
  10. Duckminster

    Chicken and egg update procedure

    The Mavic RC and AC are the only devices I know of that require the target device to be powered on and connected while downloading the firmware. So on a very slow internet connection such as mine, by the time I get to 75% download the drone battery is nearly exhausted and the heat from its...
  11. Gustavo Aguiar

    Battery Upgrade - how to perform it?

    Hi, eveyrone! I need some help to understand how to upgrade batteries properly. I mean, I am used to upgrade Mavic and the RC together using the DJI Assistant installed on my PC, but I am not sure if this way the batteries are upgrade, even if I put all others into the aircraft. The reason I say...
  12. A

    Joy sticks not working ( in any mode C1,C2,..) after the upgrade of the firmware

    The joy sticks are not respondibg after the update. The left stick (in C2 mode) by pushing left & right moves the gimble abit!!! The right stick is totally not responsive. Anyone can help or has experiened such?! Please help
  13. Mako79

    Is everyone upgrading to the Platinum props?

    So is everyone going Mavic Pro with Platinum props?
  14. F

    Help! I can't access Flight Data after updating to Firmware v01.03.1000.

    Has anyone got a solution for this? or are we all in the same boat? I can no longer access my Flight Data after updating to Firmware v01.03.1000. I had no problems previously. It appears that the drive wont mount whilst connected with DJI Assistant 2.
  15. S

    Connecting Mavic to Assistant 2 via Macbook Pro

    I can't get my Mavic to connect to Assistant 2, I've tried on a windows laptop and a macbook pro with about 5 different usb cables including the one that came in the box with the Mavic. I have done the upgrade through the DjiGo 4.0 app but every time i come to use the Mavic I'm prompted to...
  16. Member

    DJI Mavic privacy / backdoor

    After reading the news about the new firmware coming up which will enforce re-registering, make you accept a new privacy policy and will in long term likely force all Mavic usage out of cities, I have started the process of trying to save its current state so I would no longer be dependent on...
  17. S

    Firmware updates changing settings

    This discussion came up on another thread that was closed, but I believe it's a topic that still needs discussion. So I'm opening a thread about this topic only. Let's stay away from calling the people who program the code and firmware certain names even if it's acceptable to some these days...
  18. Member

    Forced, sneaky updates preventing flying

    Dear DJI, Excuse me if this post seems angrier than warranted, but it's me who's just walked hours to a spot just to fly but couldn't get the shots because of the firmware upgrade. And what annoys me isn't simply the fact that I was prevented from flying. It's that the DJI Go 4 app seems to be...
  19. Cookedinlh

    DJIGO 4 in constant RESET

    about 6th flight on new Mavic, it "recommended" I upgrade controller software (using DJIGO at the time). Upgrade was 15min+ but it seemed to work. Restarted everything, Calibrated etc and flew a 15 min flight at -3DegC . . no issues . . but. . . just flippin COLD! Now . . if I try to run...
  20. T

    To update or Not to update - firmware

    Hi everyone, the Mavic is my first ever drone of any kind. Got this beast on the 1st of November and have been flying it pretty regularly (with 3 batteries) without any issues at all. Over the past 2 weeks I've been flying the Mavic all over New Zealand (high mountains, extremely strong winds...