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  1. mikeGR

    Flying in SFO and LAS under section 336

    Hi fellow drone pilots, Visiting San Francisco and Las Vegas for a couple of days next week and taking my MP with me. I have registered my drone with FAA under section 336 (since I am a tourist) and downloaded the B4UFLY app to check where I can fly and where I can't . Well, it seems that all...
  2. I

    USA Drone Flying.. Are you labelled up?

    25th Feb 2019 new USA FAA rule about label location $27500.00 max fine if not displayed... do you think they'll make an example of someone?
  3. D

    Hello from Virginia, USA

    Hello everyone! I'm a new pilot from the middle of nowhere in Southwest Virginia. I recently (about 3 weeks ago) purchased a DJI Mavic Air and it's my first "quad". All seems to be going well so far, flight wise. I believe it's a combination of my previous videogame experience and this...
  4. dabrusci

    Golden Hour in Miami!

    Hi Guys, Here's my latest video: I hope you all enjoy it! I'm always open to keep learning and constructive critics :) Thanks guys!!
  5. L

    Buying Dji mavic air in the US HELP!!!

    Hi guys, I am a new member and I have a query. I am going on holiday to New York and San Francisco at the end of June for 3 weeks. I have been looking at buying a Mavic Air in the UK but some of the prices are ridiculous compared to the US prices. I was wanting to know is it ok to buy the...
  6. timair

    AMA (U.S.A) now offers commercial drone insurance

    Here is the link about the AMA discussing their commercial drone insurance : Academy of Model Aeronautics This link comes from the AMA search page : Academy of Model Aeronautics - Google Search Results AMA Announces Commercial Drone Insurance Exclusively for AMA ... AMA Announces Commercial...
  7. R

    getting mavic air?

    Hello. I'm actually from Saudi Arabia and I was wondering if I could get the magic air via Amazon? or would I face troubles and not get it shipped? also I was wondering if I would be facing troubles if I told someone to get it for me from the US would it be troublesome for the person in the...
  8. B

    Flying in Key West and USA in general 2018

    Hi All, I am heading to Key West in a couple of weeks and planning to bring the drone. I know in the past, you had to register with the FAA prior to flying. However, someone mentioned to me that this is no longer necessary if you are just flying for fun. Do I still need FAA approval? Also...
  9. I

    FAA Drone Registration.... Again

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register Ridiculous penalties if you don't . ( MOD REMOVED VIDEO AS NOT NEEDED )
  10. W

    San Francisco, fog and wind

    Hey, another video from my vacation, this time California Patrick
  11. TreeburnerCT

    Hello from Stratford, Connecticut, USA!

    Hey everyone, my name is Joe and I recently joined this forum since I just picked up a new DJI Mavic Pro as an upgrade to my aging (but still working flawlessly) Quanum Nova quad. I'm 34 years old and am the Operations Director at a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities of all...
  12. B

    BOSTON Awesome Drone Footage 4K

    I took these awesome aerial footage either early in the morning or late afternoon in June 2017. People in Boston are FRIENDLY! A few people came up to me and asked if they can actually see the footage from my screen, how cute! And they are cool that I flew around the park. So I will definitely...
  13. M

    What's up with the UK price?!

    I saw the $499 price tag for the US, checked the exchange rate and found that equates to £385. I figured that it would be rounded up to £399 but was happy with that and switched to the UK store to buy a Spark for my kids. Then I saw the UK price and changed my mind. How can the US price be...
  14. S


    Please let me know what I should work on. I will appreciate the honest criticism


    Hey Guys. First post. I am flying into LAX in 3 days, then Canada and back to US. I will be hauling a Mavic with 3 batteries. Has anyone had any experience with: * Customs and getting Lithium Batteries in? * Customs and getting a Drone into the country (can I bring in carry on? Or should I...
  16. NOLA-J

    Flying in Puerto Rico - US Territories

    I am traveling to Puerto Rico in May and would love to fly the Mavic. I am licensed here in the USA with my sUAV. Does that apply to US territories?
  17. S

    Buying the mavic from eBay

    URGENT HELP! I just bought a mavic pro from an American seller on eBay and I'm from the UK. At the time I didn't remember anything about import duty fees! Will I have to pay any fees when it gets here? How, as in will the delivery man ask me at the door or will I be charged through my contact...
  18. tnhl1989

    Hi from Boston, MA from USA

    Hi all, I am completely a noob to flying drones and can't wait to start. I ordered my drone through the DJI website on Oct 12th. 2016 while I was going on a hike with my friend who happened to carry a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with him. I ended up ordering the flymore combo kit while on the ride up...