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  1. cgmaxed

    Flying your drone 1 to 2 miles away during the day ! : The Trick

    Using a 3000 lumen rated spot light (1500 lumen constant output), in my case the FENIX G35, 5oz, cost 70 U.S dollars. Feel free to buy other lights, this is no ad for fenix. You can achieve VLOS at distances up to 1 mile in total sunlight and 2 miles on overcast days. The experiment was...
  2. M

    How do I aerial survey woodland?

    With rules changing in the UK around commercial work later this year, I've a couple of contacts who are landowners asking about doing some straightforward mapping of their land (mainly to get a record of bracken coverage and the like) One of the areas is flat woodland with no hills or...
  3. maxapeters

    FPV - Visual Line of Sight

    I’m not an FPV pilot, never flown one, but I was curious about how when flying an FPV drone, you maintain visual line of sight. I’ve seen plenty of people flying FPV’s for commercial use. How do they comply with Part 107’s VLOS requirements if you’re wearing goggles? Even if you weren’t wearing...
  4. Imagineimagery

    Do you fly within VLOS?

    Let the truth be told, anonymously of course.
  5. S

    Visual Line of Sight?

    Ok, I'm in Canada. Some crazy absurd laws regarding drones, but I wont rant about that. How do you define visual line of sight? Our regulations used to state that it was the distance in which you could clearly see your vehicle (for some people it was less than 100m, others maybe 400m). In that...
  6. Cookedinlh

    VLOS Compare M2E Strobe vs P4P Strobon vs M3E Searchlight

    Here is why VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) is a "no brainer" when you have the new Mavic 2 Enterprise with the spotlight. You will have to go full screen to see. This is only HD (1920x1080) but the differences are obvious. Sorry I should have done this on a tripod . . this was hand held . . but it...
  7. 787steve

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

    Went out on a whale watching cruise this afternoon. I did not take my Mavic, but I did bring it to Maui with hopes of getting some good shots from the shore. I figured over the water, down low, no traffic worries. But while in the Maui straights, we saw an Air Force C-17, cruising along at no...
  8. AlanTheBeast

    Why Beyond VLOS (BVLOS) will not be coming soon

    Good article in AW&ST. Industry, Regulators Edge Closer To Beyond Line Of Sight UAS You need to join to be able to read it (this article is free, not all are). Two key things: 1) "“The rule that rules all is that pilots have to maintain vigilance to see and avoid other aircraft. By...
  9. Cookedinlh

    Why BVLOS is Over-Rated

    I've written about and flown well beyond my own line of sight and published some "BVLOS Best Practices" but . . I'm coming to the realization that NOT allowing BVLOS is really . . in a very practical sense . . is a "feel good exercise" for regulators and law makers. There is little Flight...
  10. Cookedinlh

    When Does Mavic Disappear

    I'm seeing lots of RANGE test videos and ALTITUDE records for Phantom and Mavic . . what I want to know is how . . . cause I don't actually have mine yet . . .(yea I'm jealous) . . How far can you see a Mavic Pro under optimal conditions.? I loose sight of my Phantom 4 at about 1300ft if I...
  11. Cookedinlh

    How Lethal is Mavic

    Transport Canada will not allow flights BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) commercial or otherwise. . . . even with a standing or Blanket SFOC. I spoke to them yesterday regarding a special case whereby as long as it was under GPS control and within the boundaries of the field you are working...