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way points

  1. T

    Is it safe to use Waypoint 2.0 when you loose signal with your Mavic 2?

    Hi, I want to use Waypoints to set a path where I might lose signal of the drone. I set it to return home once all waypoints are completed. Is there a danger my drone will get lost? Thanks.
  2. T

    Using Waypoints without turning on drone or controller.

    Hi, Is there a way of using the "Waypoint" feature on the DJI Mavic 2 without having to turn on the drone or controller? Thanks.
  3. jpbluzharp

    Crazy Litchi Mission Starts

    Has anyone else had issues with Litchi Missions beginning without first orienting the Mavic to the proper heading? Yikes! I’ve had a few really random starts of late. Some of which had the drone turned ninety to one hundred and eighty degrees from its intended heading. As a workaround I begin...
  4. W

    Smart Controller Way Points

    I fly M2Pro & Zoom snd I have 37 missions that I fly every week for business. I bought the Smart Controller for the speed to get flying. ( Saves a lot of time ). Problem is any way to get all my missions to the new Smart Controller?? I use a iPad Pro & std. controller now. And any new...
  5. L

    with Mavic zoom, I cannot see the waypoints on my remote controller.

    I hit the controller on the remote and it only shows7 icons and no second page. Normal, Hyperlaps, Quick shot, activetrack, point of interest, tap fly and cinematic mode. where are the rest of the modes including waypoint. shows no dots that would indicate more modes! I am sure it is simple fix...
  6. Willie Peloquin

    New sUAV Pilot - Ann Arbor MI

    Hello All, I just received a Red Mavic Air Fly More Package. All the YouTube's concerning the Mavic Air looked great, so I pulled the trigger. I have had it a couple weeks now, but the weather has been miserable, I have been under the weather and the MA has not left the ground :( I did power it...
  7. G

    GS Pro - Waypoint altitude issue ?

    If I pre-plan a roughly circular Waypoint route around a small hill, starting 150m (contour difference) ABOVE where I'll be sat at the the 'Home Point' ( not 150m in the air), will the Mavic know not to fly into the hill, but to stay10m above the ground ?? (Assuming I've set each Waypoint to...