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An Air 3 clone, rebrand, or a DJI manufacturer "pirated" it? The mysterious new Specta Air Drone!

I watched one of the video a few days ago and the first thing that came to my mind it that it must be a US based company, but really own by DJI or associates and it is a DJI drone clone and a way for them work around the banning of DJI drones in the USA.
The issue is that if so, it won't work.

These "bans" are mostly based on Country of Origin, and aren't DJI specific. And they include sourced parts. The main exception being the Countering CCP Drones Act. And that one is incredibly unlikely to pass. Even Congress isn't that stupid (I hope).

This is likely some sort of scam in my opinion. But we'll know more next week.
Didn’t see if this is in the thread: a note from DJI

Their blurb on Amazon says it is a Hong Kong company...according to Half Chrome
this link should start his youtube at the point he shows that information
Now we need a clone featuring a Hasselblad branded sensor and we are good to go 🤣
No GEO unlock capability in the Specta app either means no ability to unlock GEO yet, or no GEO restrictions. If the latter, that would be awesome! GEO is DJI proprietary, so if they are claiming to be a different entity, no need for GEO, just like Autel! The missing AR is disappointing, but likely only temporary. Both AR and GEO unlocking could be added in a FW update, especially because the FlySafe database is already installed.
Interesting indeed, I for one am interested in knowing if DJI is cloning to get around the ban ?
some other angles on this
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I have started another thread in General Discussions with some claims, feel free to check it out and discuss this further, it also features a mention of a Mavic 3 clone (green version)

the decision to do this is based on some infos or on something they think is very probable to happen
this is a clear sign that is an ongoing situation
this guy says that a dji mini clone named specta mini its on the way
and he shows the box
so welcome to the 2nd part of the show :)

Its all speculation up to this point.
not quite pure speculation
because is based on a fact
dji made a move
and you dont see dji making such big moves every day
and i said they are expecting something to happen
not that i am expecting
i said that they saw a good reason to do that
as far as they did it
no speculation here
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time to make a "specta pilots" forum?? 😂
Please Do. I have mine ordered and will be here Wednesday 4/17. I'll let you guys know what I think of it,
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