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Firehouse Strobes


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Oct 15, 2016
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I've used the Firehouse ARC 2 strobes for over a year now. While I'm very impressed with the brightness, size, battery life, etc., I can't say the same about durability.
One died after a couple of months, and was replaced by the vendor, at no charge.
Another worked OK, but the charging light didn't work, although it did charge. Just a few weeks ago, I found that of the 4 LEDs, the front and back went out, but the left and right continued to work. Interestingly enough, the LED charging light works normally. I suspect I may have damaged it by flexing the circuit board, while attaching it to my Mavic Air - I use 3M Dual Lock (low profile)...I may have pressed it too hard.
The third one has been working OK.

Now, I'm looking at the new Firehouse strobe with the plastic globe, and shell - ARC XL...any thoughts about mounting it to a Mavic Air?

I also understand Firehouse has a new 5 LED strobe coming out soon called the "V" - saw on their FB page. Anybody have comments about that one.