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Getting the basics right, FPV vs Follow Mode


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Jan 12, 2018
Devon, UK
I'm in the process of analyzing why my Mavic's footage is pretty bad (sometimes foggy image, horizon always slanted, more details to follow). To avoid that I haven't got the basics right, it's a round of RTFM before I ask for specific help.

I quote from the manual, p43, I struggle to understand what this actually means.

Follow Mode -- The angle between the gimbal’s orientation and aircraft’s nose remains constant at all times.
Follow what? And does this mean the gimbal is locked in one position only, in other words switched off? I which situation can this ever be useful?

FPV Mode -- The gimbal will synchronize with the movement of the aircraft to provide a first-person perspective flying experience
I managed to translate FPV into First Person View. But who is the first person here? Who would be a theoretical 2nd person? As the 1st person can only be me, what is "my" perspective supposed to be? When the aircraft tilts a bit forward, or any other movement during flight, the gimbal's movements supposedly compensates for (not synchronizes with) for this movements.

Am I just lost in translation? Is the manual quite poorly written?
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Follow mode is normal. Means camera yaw follows aircraft yaw.
FPV mode the horizon will tilt with your "aileron"/sideways stick inputs allowing to kinda mimick an airplane banking while turning.
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Thanks Kilrah for your answer which sounds very plausible.
Am I the only one who thinks that the sentence from the manual doesn't say anything like this?

I do have a tilted horizon in my footage, indicating I am flying in FPV mode, however I am dead sure that I am in Follow Mode.
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Try FPV mode, you'll understand the difference.
The normal 'follow' mode does sometimes encounters the horizon with some tilt. It isn't perfect. Performing IMU and gimbal calibration may improve on that. If it seems constant, there's an offset adjustment you can apply in the gimbal section.

First Person View: view as if you were in the aircraft piloting it. The imaginary pilot is the first person. You viewing the aircraft by LOS I believe is third person view.
DanMan, thanks for some plain English, very much needed here.
You also brought me onto the right track, I had no idea that the gimbal had this setting.

When I now looked at this setting I found it on -2.3, equivalent to quite a horizontal tilt. The control screen below is after I corrected it to zero.

The picture from the coastline was taken before I could correct the setting.

How it could have gone to this wrong setting, I don't know.

Gimbal Roll adjust.png

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