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Illegal in Paris


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Apr 23, 2017
I'm heading to Paris soon and was planning on taking my Mavic; this was until I found out that it is illegal to fly here and carries a penalty of a year inprisonment and a potential £55,000 (€75,000) fine!
Absolutely gutted
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Just taking the Mavic to Paris is illegal? Can't believe that.
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Hello, in france it is forbidden to fly on towns or villages whatever their size. The authorities confiscate the material and may add fines. There is a map of restrictions, I try to find it.
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That is a bummer, but taking into account of all the things that have recently happened in Paris or France as a whole, it does make sense that they would ban a lot of things.
That's what I thought too mate, I'm sure I'll enjoy it all the same haha
I've flown drones in France with French friends, never had any problems and none of them have said we couldn't fly or even mentioned any draconian restrictions, except of course the obvious common sense no fly places that no sensible drone pilots would fly near or over anyway.

Maybe Applies only to tourist, if your French your likely exempt ;-)

Only joking, although my experience when I've stayed with friends in France, both French and English, is they decide if they think a rule is fair or sensible, if they don't think it is, they simply treat it as advisory and carry on lol.

Although I can sort of understand the restrictions on Paris, even If your were allowed, its not sensible to fly over any heavily populated area anyway, I certainly wouldn't
What is the key for Red, Orange, Yellow. I didn't see it in the description.
They are stepped height restrictions. There is a map legend that pulls out from the RHS that describes them.
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You can bring it all you want, just not fly it in forbidden places according to the map posted earlier which includes pretty much the entire city of Paris.
Definitely I will not bring the drone to Morocco . they take it away forever and fine/jail you in Morocco.
I wanted to know if there is similar risk at Paris airports.

I dont need to fly it but I would love to use it as a steadyCam and just record videos/pictures without flying it.

my worries are if the custom see it in my luggage will they fine/arrest me?
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