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Interesting......anybody tried it yet? 360 panos from our Mavic APP

DO a search!

And your title is a bit wrong. Says "from our MAVIC APP". Not sure if that ment "from our mavic" since there is no mavic "APP" or if you think its from the same DJI app?

Also Litchi app has been doing 360 and pano's for some time.
You are right mattmavic, not available for android unfortunately, at least in my case and Litchi option is rather awkward to use since you need other additional programs such as Photoshop or similar to construct the 360 pano; guess I will wait for a while and see if Hangar or others produce something for android.

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I have found lightroom to be very quick and easy to create panoramas from the Raw photos.
I've been fooling around with Hangar 360 for a couple weeks now. It's great fun, but a bit buggy (I think Hangar released it as a beta, acknowledging that it's not as polished as other apps they have). There is the limitation of it having to remain in the cloud, but despite that I've enjoyed using it.
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