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IS there any problem with the MAVIC PRO from ebay (US)


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Aug 16, 2018
I just got a claimed brand new MAVIC PRO from a claimed DJI dealer on Ebay (US). Since the factory box bears some signs of damage (big creases caused by impact )at the corners, I did hence closely check the box before I tried to break the seal and found the upper level of the S/N is torn off. According to my research this missing section normally says MAVIC PRO(EU), MAVIC(PRO) and etc. I don't know why this part is cut off. Given the shoddy condition of the box, should i keep it or just return it without breaking the seal? Exchange is not a option, because the ebay seller said all its MAVIC PROs are from the same distribute and hence they will bear the same or similar box condition and S/N label condition.No R [Update: S is another indicator]is found in the S/N which has been partially covered to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Thank you


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EBay appears to be a prime outlet for stolen Mavics, so I’d be be very suspicious of one that appears to have been Tampered with
A good deal isn’t always about dollars and cents. Send it back,now that’s just my two cents.
Unfortunately, scammers and counterfeiters abound on both eBay and Amazon. That's why both have consumer guarantees.

I did buy a refurbished Mavic Pro on eBay for $629 from djiofficialstore, which turned out to be My Mavic, however, was brand new. It did not have the R at the end of the serial number, which indicates a refurbished Mavic. There wasn't a scratch on it and thus far has run great. I suspect it was a returned unit that tested good.

The point is that there are good deals to be found, but anything you purchase from eBay is a coin toss.

If you have not yet returned it, maybe you could contact DJI with the serial number. They should be able to tell you if it's legit.

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