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Litchi Waypoint Mission to Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission converter

As of lately I can't seem to get imported waypoint files to show up in DJI Fly, neither on Android (13) nor DJI RC. When I put the kmz file into the previously created waypoint folder (random numbers and characters) and rename it (basically overwriting the existing kmz file), no waypoints will show up in DJI Fly. The file then seems to be empty although it isn't.

Anybody have this same problem?
Have you updated DJI Fly app? Which version are you using? Also, did you updated the firmware of the Mavic 3? Which firmware are you using? Thank you.
Have you updated DJI Fly app? Which version are you using? Also, did you updated the firmware of the Mavic 3? Which firmware are you using? Thank you.
It happened on DJI Fly 1.10.1 and now 1.12.5 (Android Phone) as well as on the latest DJI RC firmware and the one before that. Mavic 3 latest firmware and the one before.
Thank you for your reply. I am using DJI Fly 1.11 with Mavic 3 on the RC-N1 without problems. Have tried uninstalling DJI Fly and re install?
I uninstalled DJI Fly, deleted all data and reinstalled it. Same issue. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Ok, it now works for waypoint missions previously created in the same app (DJI Fly), so only moving a kmz file from one folder to another and renaming it.

Modifications like "straight lines" which I once got to work don't seem to be recognized by the app anymore.
I've now flown a couple of successful grid missions on Air 3 using this utility and it's worked beautifully. I'm using it for site mapping/photogrammetry and flying slow (1.5 m/s) and snapping photos on 2s intervals. I've experimented and found that devising a grid using three points to comprise a 180º turn translates well for DJI's "Bezier" interpretation. I don't have a waypoint for each photo as many grid missions do. My points simply define path and heading and the interval photos take care of the rest.

The Air 3 flight time has allowed me to do double (perpendicular) grid missions on the same flight for sites of 1 to 2 acres.

I'm also very pleased with the RC2 workflow for these files. It's fairly simple using PC and USB connection. The RC and Mini 3 Pro is a different story, so I've obtained an RC-N1 for use with Android phone and Litchi app. However, the M3P minimum of 5s photo intervals is limiting compared to the Air 3. So ... I guess the M3P is more suited to video using Litchi missions?

I've also learned the hard way to check camera settings once airborne and before flying mission. 900 blurry photos are just as useless as a single out-of-focus snap.
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I have completed my “Litchi Waypoint Mission to Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission converter.

With this web application, one can design a waypoint mission from the comfort of your office on a large monitor using Litchi’s Mission Hub then convert that mission to one that can be flown with a Mavic 3.

View attachment 160898

Litchi missions can be exported as CSV files. These CSV files store most of the important parameters of a waypoint mission. DJI’s Mavic 3 stores waypoint missions in a KMZ file in the flying device (phone, tablet or controller). However, because DJI did not design missions to be imported or exported to or from their flying device, there are a few extra steps involved in getting this process to work. As a result, these steps may be more involved than what a casual user may want to attempt. Read on to find out more.

Fellow forum member @zAvi has provided a number of Mavic 3 waypoint missions for me to examine and has devised a way to import and export missions to and from the Mavic 3. His instructions for doing so are available from the instructions of this web application.

There are a few important things to consider when converting waypoint missions between Litchi and the Mavic 3.
  • Litchi uses a B-Spline to generate a flight path defined by waypoints. The Mavic 3 uses a Bézier curve to generate a flight path defined by waypoints. B-Splines do not (in general) go through their control points. Bézier curves do go through their control points. As a result, even though the waypoints are the same, the converted mission flight path will not be exactly the same.
  • The Mavic 3 supports some camera actions that are not available in Litchi. For example, in the Mavic 3 one can create a “Zoom” action. Litchi does not support this action.
  • So far, I have only had access to Mavic 3 missions with metric units of measurement. Therefor, only metric units are currently supported. I will add imperial units as soon as I am provided an example Mavic 3 mission file with imperial units.
The following two converters (as well as the Spiral, Panorama, Droneception, and AirData converters):
  • Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission To Litchi Waypoint Mission
  • Litchi Waypoint Mission To Mavic 3 Waypoint Mission
are available here:

Very valuable Converter Software. And Thanks to provide it! I am using it to prepare own programmed Waypoint Missions in Litchi-CSV-Format and convert them in DJI-compatible kmz-Inputs.
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Its all explained on the INSTRUCTIONS Pages Link HERE
... but here is my take 'for DUMMIES' ;)

* Get your Litchi Mission into the Mission Hub.
* Export your Mission as a CSV File - to a Preferred folder lets call it folder XXX
* Run your CSV through DJ WES's Online Utility to Convert the .CSV to a .KMZ which you will download from the Utility into Folder XXX ### (note the ### we will return here)
(see converter Link HERE )

That was the Easy Part.... Now the worst part

Waypoints Files on DJI FLY on the DJI-RC - is stored in the waypoints folder.
You can locate this in the file Explorer by swiping down on FLY and hitting the Hexagon (Top Right)
but you dont get a fully open Explorer here - ...
TO get full access >Locate Storage > internal storage > Music and Audio > and click on Audio files
... Then click on the top left of the page (three lines)
to get a mini explorer on the bottom left -

Now navigate (at the bottom Left) to :
dji rc > Android > data > dji.go.v5 > files
... and then scroll down to the bottom of the Page...
you will see waypoint *** (note the *** we will return here)

If you click into waypoint it opens up a list of folders - with Long checksumID names (Each of these represents a custom Waypoint folder that you have created in Waypoints) - AND if you click on any one of them you will finally find the same ID but with the extension .KMZ
(also there may be an image folder which may retain a camera image or a Map)
BUT... the KMZ file is the one that needs to be replaced somehow by the New KMZ created (See ### above)
... AND ... you have to KEEP the Same Complicated Long Name of the KMZ file.

Replacing this is Not too Easy because the DJI-RC is 'Overprotected' and does not allow easy Replacement or updating.
Furthermore I found this impossible to find on the PC Explorer - because when hooking up with my PC (via USB), somehow android permissions makes this section INVISIBLE

Bringing in the LITCHI KMZ
So my method - was (as was suggested somewhere)

1) On the DJI-RC Fly app, Create a DUMMY Waypoint while Flying (two points will do) - This creates a new entry (with a New RandomID name folder) in waypoint folder .

2) Stop the Flight - Use the above method to locate the WHOLE waypoint folder (see *** above) - and copy this ENTIRE FOLDER and Contents - to an accessable folder maybe on the Memory card. (It must be a place accessable to copy and replace by your PC or Phone)

BTW: Copying in the RC explorer is done by CLICKING (and Holding the Folder) till a check mark appears, then using the Top Right hand Menu ... to select copy to... - then navigate to your destination folder - and hit the COPY button at the bottom right)

3) in my case I put it in the DCIM folder of my Memory card.

4) then You can connect your RC to your Computer or Phone (USB3) or Just take out the Memory card from the RC - to your computer -and operate on the folder.

5) Locate the DummyID KMZ in the (Same Name) DummyID folder
... this may be tricky because all folders look similar (except for the ID) - but I used the "Map_preview" folder which holds images of maps of your waypoints to locate the right ID for my 'Dummy' - and...
Finally change the Dummy KMZ file to be your New KMZ file (see ### above) - by deleting the dummy and retaining the DummyID name for the new .KMZ file.

6) Now copy the whole waypoint folder back from the card to the correct position on the DJI RC - by replacing the Original waypoint folder. (see *** above)
NOTE: - if permissions are a problem - it will not overwrite, and instead adds a waypoint(1) - you will need to delete the orginal and rename the new one to just waypoint

Then YOU're DONE - Go out and FLY -
Your Dummy now has your Litchi Mission. (Be careful tho, the Mavic Waypoint missions force Bezier curves which may cause S shaped between a straight route to round the corners.) -
Someone proactively commented that to get almost straight lines between points one can insert TWO points at a Waypoint (close to each other) - that takes care of the Curve.

Have Fun !

WOW !!!! Im looking at my text above - This is a REAL MISSION to do !!!! but doable Quickly when you have done it once

Hope this helps some desperate person (LOL)
I have a Mavic Mini 3 Pro with an RC. I saved two Waypoint missions going through the Hyperlapse function. I can access these waypoint files on the RC and re-fly them. However, when I navigate to the "Waypoint" folder as described above, it is blank. When I performed a search of the entire DJI RC folder the only non-jpeg files where "DJIFlightRecord_year_mm_dy.txt" files.
I have a Mavic Mini 3 Pro with an RC. I saved two Waypoint missions going through the Hyperlapse function. I can access these waypoint files on the RC and re-fly them. However, when I navigate to the "Waypoint" folder as described above, it is blank. When I performed a search of the entire DJI RC folder the only non-jpeg files where "DJIFlightRecord_year_mm_dy.txt" files.
Hyperlapse waypoint missions are not stored in the same place as regular waypoint missions. I have looked for hyperlapse waypoint missions in the DJI Fly folders but was not successful in finding them.
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