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Mavic Camera Blur Bug, one solution that works for me


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Sep 19, 2017
You are all ready to go, the light is perfect, the sky and landscape look amazing but when your Mavic booted up there's weird blur, like the kind used to do a miniature effect with tilt shift lenses.

You follow the guidelines and forum suggestions of resetting the camera, re-calibrating everything you can, possibly even changing firmware and if you are lucky it goes back to normal.

Next time it happens, hold the Mavic a few inches above the ground (switched on) and drop it. The slight jolt fixes the problem for me - it might not work for you, but I hope it does.

This is probably what the rigmarole of calibrating is doing, if you are rotating it all over the place you might free up the stuck part. Same thing if you take off, land, take off, land and it goes okay..

A two inch drop is enough, perhaps three on soft grass
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Thanks but I'd rather not deliberately drop my drone from any height.
I';d rather not either, but that bug happens to me and friends regularly, what would your solution be?
Is it a moving part inside the camera that is jamming? Maybe a light tap on the side of the camera while holding it as to not to wear on the gimbal.
Intuition would suggest that, but I've never been able to do it with a tap.

I hate handling the camera when the power is on in case it puts too much strain on the gimbal. Some people think the controller unit for that part is in another part of the drone.

The official solution has been to reset everything and recalibrate IMU, gimbal etc.

If you drop it from a couple of inches the feet absorb most of the impact and the slight shockwave that goes through the Mavic fixes the focus problem straight away, you can see on screen.
The Mavic should be robust enough to take a couple-inch drop or there would be a lot more complaints after "hard" landings.
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