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  1. jephoto

    Mavic 3 spotlight/POI problems locking on

    Hi All. Been testing evertyihng on the M3. Now that the 7x Tele has Spotlight and POI I've been trying to use it, but have not been able to get it to lock on to anything while in the 7x Tele mode. Anyone have tips or tricks on this? Love to hear. Yesterday was flying, bright sunny day. Had the...
  2. R

    Adobe Lens Profile for Mini 3 Pro

    Hello everyone, as many of you know DjI forgot to include the lense profile in the 12 MPx DNG files the mini produces up to the 1.00.150 firmware, making the images come up with a huge "vignette". The 48 MPx RAW images have "Chromatic Aberrations" even with the lens profile included, so I sought...
  3. D

    Mavic Pro camera lens replacement

    Hi All, Saw the attached “lens replacement kit” on eBay. Anyone attempted to use one (for scratched lens)? Generally I thought people replaced the whole camera? If you have done this, how’d it go? Fogging? Cheers, Dave
  4. F

    Mavic Mini Wide Angle Lens Adapter

    Does anyone know if there is a wide angle lens adaptor or anamorphic lens for the Mini. I'm particularly interested in indoor footage (property) for which a wider angle fov would prove useful. Thanx
  5. BrAinZ

    Cleaning the camera lens/sensor on the Mavic Pro

    Hi Guys, I look after my Mavic Pro like a fanatic, always keeping it in a case, keeping it well away from dirt and dust etc. But over the last few months I have noticed that I have spots/marks across my photos and video. This only tends to be be really noticeable when I create HDR photos from...
  6. maxapeters

    DJI OEM Lens Filter Broke

    Hello, I recently got ND filters for my Mavic Pro 2 and as many of you know, that requires you to remove the stock glass lens protecting filter which DJI includes. I took that stock filter off and noticed it was dirty. I started cleaning it lightly with a microfiber cloth and the glass popped...
  7. C

    Mavic Camera Blur Bug, one solution that works for me

    You are all ready to go, the light is perfect, the sky and landscape look amazing but when your Mavic booted up there's weird blur, like the kind used to do a miniature effect with tilt shift lenses. You follow the guidelines and forum suggestions of resetting the camera, re-calibrating...
  8. RobH2

    Camera Test: Mavic Platinum VS Inspire2 X4S

    I tested my two drone cameras today. I wanted to compare my Inspire2 X4S and my Mavic Platinum. My backyard is a great subject because there are a lot of textures in close proximity, grass, wood grain, leaves, brick and then I added the printed page test target that had about 5 sizes of text...
  9. I

    Keep camera lens clean.. Whats your regime?

    Important part of shoot video, keeping the lens free of greasy fingerprints, rain water etc. Sometimes over looked (guilty). Whats your regime? Cautious on using any "cleaner" because of the lens coating.
  10. J

    Mavic Air - Lens distortion (creating awareness!)

    Hi all, In another thread, a group of Mavic Air users including me found out that the lens on the Mavic Air has some pretty severe distortion when shooting in JPEG or shooting video's. Some examples: YouTube - You can clearly see the 'waving'/'warping' distortion during panning on the roof...
  11. D

    Second mountain bike between trees with drone and BIG desapointment with my mavic

    Hey guys! So, after the “success” of our first movie: we decided to do another one since we now have better editing skills :) Turns out that the camera on the Mavic pro started to give us big problems, specially with fog lens and jumping camera as you can see in our “new” movie that only got...
  12. niki

    Infinity Focus is blur

    Hi all, I was looking around about what manual infinity focus looks like by default on Mavic? In mine it's total blur when on infinity and the horizon get in focus around the middle of the focus slider, is that normal? I've tried to fix that by calibrating camera gimbal and IMU but there's no...
  13. A

    Mavic Focusing issues (misalignment)

    Dear all, please take a look at this video I tried everything, IMU recalibration, gimbal reset / recal, firmware refresh etc. The lower right quadrant is OOF if everything else in focus if the lower right in focus then everything else OOF. Contacted DJI for support, waiting for the...
  14. O

    Mavic lens filters SunnyLife any good ?

    Did anyone tried them ? 27GBP for set of 6 filters seems to be very good price! or any other recommendations in lower price range! (I know you will say polar pro but is this really worth the difference in the price?) MRC-UV MRC-CPL ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 Camera Lens HD Filters for DJI MAVIC Pro...
  15. TrueBerZerKer

    Camera lense

    Hey so I made the mistake of allowing my father fly my mavic needless to say he full speed crashed it at around 25 feet a few scratches and a busted prop still flys but my main problem is that the front glass lens is absolutely shattered I am new to forums and such but also very desperate. I...
  16. L

    Round circle in the middle of Mavic Image - reflection, or sensor issue?

    Hello forum - I have an image issue with the Mavic and wondering if anyone else has seen it. In the middle of the image, or sometimes just below and left of center, a circle appears in the image from the Mavic. I shoot at 2.7k, 24fps and have seen this in a lot of my footage. It is more...
  17. timesnaps

    Change the lens or camera?

    Now, I understand that the Mavic is a self contained system, but just wondering if anyone had any success in changing the gimbal / camera / lens? I would much prefer a less wide lens, something around 24-30mm. I guess there might be a way to use a lens adapter, but that would likely make the...
  18. B

    DJI Care Refresh Process from Start to Finish - MAVIC

    Hey all, I recently had to ship my Mavic off for repair and I made a quick video about the entire process. Documenting emails, procedure and timescales. Hopefully it may be of interest to some. Thanks, -Aidan
  19. N

    Swap alternative lenses on Mavic?

    Hi there! I just ordered a Mavic for landscape photography (it's about the same size as a telephoto lens!), but I'm wondering if there are any after-market alternative lenses available like the Peau lenses that can be swapped onto a gopro. GoPro Camera Lenses – Peau Productions My goal is to...