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Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia...or NZ?


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Dec 15, 2018
Hey guys,

I think I need some help. Me and my family are leaving Sweden for a seven months trip around the world in January.

We will be in south-east Asia first, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I have not applied for permissions to fly my drone there, and I do not intend to do it. BUT, after SEA we will visit NZ, Australia, Cook Island and French Polynesia, and my intention is to use my drone there.

Do I dare to bring it with me? We are flying into Da Nang (I’ve read all the stories about confiscation). I am ok with having it confiscated, as long as I get it back...

I have a friend living in NZ, I can send it to him, but how can I avoid to pay duty/GST?
The shipping cost and duty/GST is about half a new MP [emoji3]

Any ideas?

Hi Henrik,

I am currently traveling across Vietnam. Routing is Frankfurt - Hanoi - Da Nang - Saigon. Except Frankfurt where Security Staff requested to check the AC (MP), no other airport did take notice during the screening.

To emphasize, air-traveling within Vietnam (Hanoi - Da Nang - Saigon) might be less critical as i.e. you can even carry big bottles of liquids with you without problems.

Hard to say whether this applies for AC on international flights into Da Nang as I have read similar stories about confiscation. So far I have not found any resident to confirm this practice, so there might still be a small risk.
According to my current experience it is very easy to travel in Vietnam with so called "Flycams" as people are mostly interested to see how it works and even give hints about the best spots. Officials do not care as far as Military areas are not concerned.

Prior to Vietnam I travelled within Thailand. No issues at all at Krabi airport.

Good Luck!
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PeRo, thank you so much.

The problems seems to have occurred when flying international to Da Nang...

Nice to hear that you have had no problems.

Enjoy your trip!
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