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Recent content by Rjrolyn

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    *** Dji Spark- Alpine White (Bundle) ***

    *** Selling Like new Dji Spark Bundle *** ** What you see is what you get. The Spark was only flown twice and no higher than 200 ft. Has been stored in case since. The Spark and Batteries have a 2 yr warranty aside from the manufacture warranty itself. From the package you can choose from one...
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    (Sold to New Guy) Mav mount and full hood man sun shade for sale

    pics of the mav mount, thanks
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    New Autel Robotics Drone

    Funny that most of the replies on this thread is about copy this copy that. Guys / Gals arent you forgetting where the mavic is made ? CHINA !!! lol, CLONE country of the world LMAO I dig that remote though
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    ***** you DJI - your QA is subpar and customer service is a joke

    Well from the looks of things by Autel-Evo, DJI-Mavic may have met there competition and looks very promising ! With sensors all around, including rear, 24/7 CSR. Will see how this turns out. Really dig this controller !!
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    How to rollback Mavic firmware

    I was able to roll back on .700 but not able to test due to heavy rain. I then came across that .400 is also good. What are your pros n cons on .400 vs .700 Thanks in advance
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    Who’s on Origional 0400 FW?

    My apologies for asking. What is the exact written firmware and what date is it listed. I may have it as downgrade option on my Dji assitant. Thanks in advance
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    Apple getting sued for slowing iphones, lesson for DJI?

    Remenber its made in CHINA !! Capital CLONE country in the world, lol
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    Apple getting sued for slowing iphones, lesson for DJI?

    Glad never bought any APPLE products. This is not the first time that Apple purposely sent out updates to slow down performance on there phones / tabs. So whats new for Apple and oh dont be surpise Apple already bought off DJi. So when that happens all Dji Drones are in shambles. Just my .02
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    Issues with tablet

    What model is your Tab S ? Cause from i read in other forums the one that works good is the SM-T710 Been looking for one but price is hefty on a outdated Tab. So far i had good results on my K1
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    Sold. NVIDIA shield K1 is it worth something ?

    If the K1 still had support from Nvidia, yes will be worth money since its been discontinued pretty much root here and root there, just my .02
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    DELKIN BLACK 64GB Micro SD Card

    Has anyone tried these on there Mavic, what are your pros n cons TIA
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    A Day in San Francisco

    All around , Great job sir(s)
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    WTB: Nvidia shield k1 / Samsung Tab S2 ( SM-T710)

    Looking to purchase the Tab(s) Preferred good to mint condition at a reasonable price. If you have 1 of the 2 send pm w/Pix and price/shipped. Zip Code 90621 TIA
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    Recommended Tab for DJI App

    Hi all. Question for Tab selection. What are your pros n cons: Looking to get a 2nd Tab. Samsung Tab S2/ SM-T710 Nvidia Shield K1 What are your experience w/ the DJi Go app from 1 of the 2. TIA