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Recent content by spankdog

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    New drone pilot from Gainesville, Ga.

    Welcome. I am in Buford.
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    I'm not the smartest Bear but....

    WiFi only version does not have GPS
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    Need help with message...

    Check the switch on the side of your remote
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    Marking batteries

    I just used a sharpie on the bottom. I put a number and the date I purchased.
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    Hello from Switzerland, Bern.

    Just came across this post. I am in Bern for the next few months and I brought my Mavic with me. Looking at this map I am limited to 150m in my area but thats about it. Anything else I need to know? Thanks Swiss Geoportal
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    Carrying Mavic batteries when flying

    I just flew to Switzerland from Atlanta. I have TSA precheck and carried my mavic and batteries in the Smatree SmaCase D500 Storage Carrying Case. No questions were asked.
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    Mavic Pro Hardshell or Softshell cases?

    I am using the Smatree D500 case. Its semi-rigid and fits into my backpack pretty well.
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    Mavic Pro Pilots around Atlanta

    I am in Buford
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    Mavic gimbal restart mid flight.

    Yea sorry may not be 100% the same but similar outcome. I have had the issue a few times but not aware of what I did before the gimbal reset.
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    Confusion over start-up procedure

    I haven't had a problem no matter what order I follow. As far as the remote turning on and only showing the battery level. Were you sure to do the proper power on sequence. Quick press and then long press the power button? Also if you want to use the bottom USB port make sure to unplug the cable...
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    Mavic gimbal restart mid flight.

    Gimbal freak-out in flight when switching from video to still camera
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    Angry neighbor

    He is actually in Georgia and not Russian. FPSRussia - Wikipedia
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    Best present...ever

    My friends wife bought him a Mavic for his birthday. I could not wait to see if I would get one for my birthday (doubtful) so I bought my own :)
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    Mavic Pro Factory Battery Controller Mod

    Is it possible that the board has some circuitry to detect a bad battery and disable it? Only reason I ask is because Makita 18v LXT tool batteries have a board inside that does this (prevents charging) and is not re-settable. Once it "detects" a bad battery it is garbage. I know its a...
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    ipad mini conection

    I use a 1ft Anker lightning cable plugged into the bottom usb port with my mini. Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (1ft) Durable and Fast Charging Cable [Double Braided Nylon] for iPhone, iPad and More (Gray): Computers & Accessories