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Recent content by timmy1909

  1. timmy1909

    any users on here from wisconsin? :)

    Southern WI... Lake Geneva Area
  2. timmy1909

    Advices needed for people who bought a skin for their MAVIC

    When flying high in the air I think its more visible stock color... but when flying low I can see my mavic better for sure. Never had problems with birds no matter what color I had it... so I can't comment on that. The kit I bought had decals for the bottom as well. Bottom line is... Make it yours!
  3. timmy1909

    anyone modded thier controller to fit a tabet???

    My 8" fits just fine with no modifications... its tight, but fits none the less.
  4. timmy1909

    Anyone going to swap out their mavic pros with the new mavic air?

    Casey dose not get "paid" to do a video for a DJI product from DJI, but they do give him free stuff. He has said that in a few of his videos. He gets a ton of crap from companies to "review" but he is not paid as is such with most youtubers/Vloggers. It is just the new way of promotion for...
  5. timmy1909

    Small Mavic Pro case

    Very cool!!! Nicely done.
  6. timmy1909

    2 Mavics at Nelson Bay NSW fireworks ?!

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points...
  7. timmy1909

    Best accessories for a DJI Mavic

    Backpack Sunshield for gimble One piece gimbal...
  8. timmy1909

    2 Mavics at Nelson Bay NSW fireworks ?!

    So if i was sitting around a campfire with you and you asked if I could help you find your puppy... and I went on talking about how wrong it is to put ketchup on a hot dog was... you wouldn't get a bit un nerved? but because its the internet, its OK? To stay on topic no I wasn't there... I...
  9. timmy1909

    It happened! Crashed

    just saw this one.... has a vent in it. if you are worried about overheating then there is a solution. 2pcs Gimbal Guard Camera Lens Cover Lens Hood Filter Accessory for DJI Mavic Pro | eBay
  10. timmy1909

    It happened! Crashed

    I have both and flew with the full bubble cover for the first few weeks as I learned to fly... I was not doing anything cinematic so I did not worry about the glare. As far as over heating... I never had an issue. I have seen guys that would make a hole at low spot on the cover for air to get...
  11. timmy1909

    8331 Propellers - Chinese Copies (eBay)

    I have NO issues with the ones I bought! Colored props? I have NO proof thus far that the aftermarket props that I bought are inferior to the stock ones.
  12. timmy1909

    Flight modes

    you do not have to be airborne... just power everything up (controller,Drone, and Device) and make sure you are not in sport mode and the modes will be able to be selected.
  13. timmy1909


    I think it looks awesome!!! super clean look!!!
  14. timmy1909

    Flight modes

    If you are in sport mode (slider on right side of controller) then the modes are disabled