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black screen

  1. T

    No image from drone

    So I crashed my drone last winter and after being 8 days up in a tree the wind make it down. Gimbal flex was destroyed so i changed it and also changed the video flex because there was no image. But even after doing that I still have no image from drone. GPS works, it flies with no problem, the...
  2. M

    2 crashes in one day

    So this happened yesterday... Showing it off to my in-laws, it got squirrely around a tree; i lost my sense of remote direction when correcting, tree wins. It still flies fine. I was testing it in my garage later that night, and crashed into a column. Now I have some nice scuff marks from...
  3. bhante

    DJI Crystalsky Ultra monitor screen goes black/fails/dies after 4 minutes!

    DJI Crystalsky Ultra monitor screen goes black after 4 minutes! My Crystalsky Ultra monitor worked 4 minutes... Got hot and Black. Fan did turn on only after the screen died. Battery full and firmware updated. Was in shadow. How do one get these failed units replaced or refunded? Paid...
  4. T

    Help! Crashed Drone and No Video Comes Through!

    I crashed my mavic Pro into a tree and it fell about 8 feet straight down on to the legs and then popped up on to its back. When I got the drone back up and going, I was looking at a black screen on my phone. Anyone have an issue when the crashed before like this, worried because I have an...
  5. Ferg333

    Samsung s6 blackout

    Hi Started flying my Mavic Pro a few weeks back but Im having issues with the phone getting hot and a black screen during flight. Ive noticed previous posts on this issue but was there a solution to the issue.
  6. I

    No camera image

    Had a minor crash the other day, broke a couple bands on the gimbal vibration board (ordered another one) however now I am getting no video feed from the camera. Everything else on the drone is perfect. Sensors, gimbal control, everything as it should be, with the exception of any image from the...
  7. E

    Blacked out camera, right out of the box - Please advise

    Brand new to drones, advice welcome! Not able to get any image on phone or iPad. The app shows all the data, but no camera image. Only flown it in beginner mode about 10 times, but never seen anything but black screen. Never had any error messages either... So far I've tried: Read the manual...
  8. A

    Camera manual setting disables camera

    My Mavic's camera stopped working displaying only a black screen. I started a "chat" with DJI and their recommendation to reset all camera settings worked like a charm. I then re-applied all my settings. When I got to Auto / Manual, I selected manual. My camera feed immediately went black. Auto...
  9. B

    Black screen at begining of video recordings.

    Hi, ive read a few posts about black screens and loss of signal but my issue is a bit different and I cannot find a thread for it. During flight, my recording goes perfectly, streaming to my samsung Gs6 works fine. Once I review my recordings on my phone, for about half a second at the...
  10. L

    Diagnosing black camera feed after crash & short circuit

    This is a long story but here it goes. I was flying the mavic pro over a quarry that has water in it. I was actually flying without my phone connected since it had been stolen a couple of days before, but didn't want to miss out on flying at this great place and recording. As I was flying the...
  11. Z

    Mavic Pro - no video after LSVD cable replacement

    Hi guys, recently I crashed my Mavic and on first sight LSVD (video signal silver cable) was ripped off and vibration plate was broken. At that moment I didn't see that ribbon cable has been ripped too. I have order replacements part (LSVD cable and plate) and that came to me after 3 weeks. I...
  12. J

    Black screen/ no transmission signal

    hi, bought a mavic last week from apple and took it out yesterday to fly. I had trouble connecting to the go4 app but eventually got there (the activation kept failing). Got it flying but the video stream to my phone (iPhone 7 plus) was half cut off. So today i took the drone back to apple and...
  13. F

    Black Screen on Camera with Mavic Pro

    Did anyone figure this out? I was hired to do a real estate video and flown out to Europe and all I get is a BLACK screen when I try to connect to the Mavic Pro. I can move the gimble through my phone, I can even take pictures and record (the picture and video turn out black as well like the...