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  1. R

    DIY Repair issue - Mavic 2 Pro

    I had a crash which snapped the right front arm. I've made successful repairs to the drone in the past. So i thought I'd order the part, study some videos and attempt the repair myself. The drone is out of warranty. Everything about the repair went well, I followed what I felt were good...
  2. I

    Is NATS Drone Assist App Broken?

    Bad news when drone flyers are caught flying when theres a temporary flight restriction in place from the CAA. BUT is there an issue with the DroneAssist App from NATS? Is it broken? I found when you are going through to filter the info shown on the APP. If Airspace is off and temporary flight...
  3. brick

    4 day old M2P ran over by car, incredible repair bill $$$ :(

    So I was out flying around with my 4 day old Mavic 2 Pro and I landed in the parking lot of my work, exactly 25 seconds later as I was reviewing the flight video on my phone a Lexus pulls in and runs over my M2P. Seemingly on purpose by the video... I don't think it was on purpose though, anyhow...
  4. H

    Selling DJI Mavic post-crash for parts

    Have a DJI Mavic Pro that I am selling - original purchase price was $1000 and recently crashed. This could be used for parts for someone looking to make repairs to their current drone. Could also be used for someone who is learning to repair and refurbish DJI products. Overall the drone was...
  5. J

    can any one help. might of bricked my drone doing a roll back

    hi new to the forum and praying some one can help me. ive just followed digdat0,s guide to roll back the firmware and change the perimeters but i made a mistake and didnt realise i was ment to add an internal sd card i tried to flash it twice both times stopped at 82percent then it would no...
  6. K

    Ultra sonic sensors do not have same level of volume

    Hey guys, today my father crashed my drone... No major damage, but I think that maybe one of the ultra sonic sensors is broken because I can only hear one of them. When I put a finger on the working one, I cant hear the clicking sound anymore, but when I put a finger on the broken one, I can...
  7. DarkKent

    Please take a look. Help.

    Can anyone give any insight on the video before I send her in. Much appreciated.
  8. P

    My stupid *** flew into a tree. Broken rear left arm. Need advice :)

    Problem? Broken rear left arm. See link to pictures down belowe. Was unit in a crash? Most definitly. What have you tried so far? Not much, didn't want to try to much before I listened in on with some of the pros. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? iPhone. What...
  9. G

    Looking for broken Mavic Pro

    Anyone wants to get rid of their broken Mavic Pro drone? Don’t need remote or accessories, just the drone. DM me to agree on a price!
  10. M


    Hey! I'm making a short film. In the film a Mavic Pro crashes. We obviously don't want to crash our Mavic Pro, but would like to buy or rent someone's TRASHED/ WRECKED/ BROKEN Mavic Pro. We are filming next week so time is of the essence! Hit me up. Thank you!
  11. I

    Disconnect, crash, and customer service

    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. I was hoping that my first forum post would be words of excitement about my new Mavic (bought in December), however, I've had nothing by disconnects, random hoovers, and finally a full crash into a gazebo as a result of constant disconnects! I've read so...
  12. TrueBerZerKer

    Camera lense

    Hey so I made the mistake of allowing my father fly my mavic needless to say he full speed crashed it at around 25 feet a few scratches and a busted prop still flys but my main problem is that the front glass lens is absolutely shattered I am new to forums and such but also very desperate. I...
  13. J

    Broken Micro USB port on Mavic Remote Control

    I guess I may be the first to damage my remote control because I cannot find any other posting similar to the help I need. Unfortunately, following a flight last week, I dropped my remote. I didn't think anything of it until the next time I tried to fly and the remote was not connecting to my...
  14. Jake12

    Front left leg

    Need a front left leg please. Will buy complete arm if have to. thanks.
  15. F

    Is my controller broken?

    Hey! I have barely even tried my mavic and the controller fan is making a lot of noise, is this just for me or is it normal? Please watch:
  16. Platypus


    Has anyone had a quote for replacing the Camera & Gimbal from Drone doctors in the uk (DJI recommended service centre here) I just got one but want to see if anyone else has had one and compare before I go ahead with the repair
  17. B

    DJI Care Refresh Process from Start to Finish - MAVIC

    Hey all, I recently had to ship my Mavic off for repair and I made a quick video about the entire process. Documenting emails, procedure and timescales. Hopefully it may be of interest to some. Thanks, -Aidan
  18. N

    Way to contact a manager at DJI?

    Does anyone have a phone number that will reach someone not in a call centre? After waiting weeks on a warranty return for jello in the video, the service centre sent me back a different drone with a new serial number that's even worse than the one I sent them... or it got broken in transit...
  19. A

    Searching for broken or defective Mavics for parts

    Hello Everybody, I crashed my MP and the camera cable and the gimbal ribbon is torn, and also the metal gimbal platform is broken. Since I cannot find Mavic parts anywhere, I buy broken or defective or water damaged Mavics for parts in hope I can repair my drone. If you have any parts or...