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  1. I

    SOLD FS: NEW sealed DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible

    SOLD NEW Sealed in box DJI Air 2s Fly More Combo Drone DJI Refresh Eligible. Includes Battery Charging Hub, ND Filters Set, Shoulder Bag, two extra batteries, and more for extended flight time and enhanced content creation. ** 2 extra battery is $230 retail price if bought separately. Extra...
  2. I

    Experience and advise using amazon USB C battery charger

    The Air 2s has been absolutely amazing with the only gripe being that you can't charge batteries in the go and you need the propriety charger To solve this got the following charger from Amazon that allows charging via USB C which solves both issues...
  3. Kelpfish

    Green light on charging base

    Hi All, Quick question. I have two Mavic 2 Pro chargers (wall units). I have five batteries. All five only charge to 56%. I am not at my primary home rather in my rental across the US. I was wondering 1. On the charger base itself there is a green LED that fades in and out while the...
  4. R

    Emergency, arriving in the UK on Monday and forgot my Mavic Air 2 battery charger

    Flying back to the UK for some client flying and I stupidly left my battery charger with my batteries all at 30%. Does anyone know the best way to charge them on Monday morning? Whether that’s the best place that sells a charger or something cheaper. Appreciate all responses, thanks.
  5. L

    Mini 3 Pro USB / Power bank charging?

    I'm curious if the new Mini 3 Pro 2453mAh and the "Intelligent Flight Battery Plus" still can be charged with a USB powerbank? Charge on the go is big deal for me, traveling etc. When battery is depleted, I can use my SLR camera to take photos while charging the DJI battery. 2453mAh = 34...
  6. H

    Mavic Air batteries loose battery once fully charged and on charging base

    My 3 smart batteries for DJI mavic air 1 charge full but then the charging base stops, and they slowly run out of battery, after about a day they are down to 50%. Anyway to make it so they charge once losing battery? Like when it gets down to 90, it starts charging again?
  7. D

    Mavic Air 2 - Favrison Charging Power Bank

    Hi all, if you now that Favrison started selling charging cables that could be connected to Mavic Air 2 battery? I have this 25000 mA external charger and it works perfectly with 'Air 1', even charging two batteries at the same time pretty quickly. But DJI made slightly different connector for...
  8. E

    Extend flying time with your current batteries

    Bought this from Amazon UK recently and I must say it's the best accessory I've bought for the Mini... and I've bought a lot of crap for it! I was going to buy another couple of batteries instead, but this works out cheaper than buying another 2 batteries and you can charge up 2 at a time...
  9. Skyler King III

    I am looking for a fast, simultaneous battery charger for Mavic Air 2

    I am looking for a fast, simultaneous battery charger for Mavic Air 2 I have used Fstop Labs for Mavic, Mavic 2, Mavic Air but I want one for Mavic Air 2. Charging all batteries at same time.
  10. F

    Taking the MP or MPP on a journey without electricity

    I like hiking and sometimes my hikes are lasting for more than a few days, I just bought my MPP and I was looking for ways to take it with me, the biggest challenge is to charge the batteries away from home or car. So, the only possibility I've found so far is to take a car jump starter (12V...
  11. D

    Got a multi-charger, but not sure if it is earthed correctly

    So I bought this charger a couple weeks ago and wanted to check that it is safe before use. Please see attached photos. There is a black wire soldered to the earth pin inside the case, but the other end is soldered to a point on the PCB marked “G”. All my past chargers have had this end of the...
  12. G

    Mavic Air Portable Powerbank

    Is there any battery charger on the go or powerbank on the go for our Mavic air? I know this has been ask about a dozen times. I saw some out there like SmartTree and Anbee but I find it quite big and not good for travel wise. I'm looking to put it on a case all in one, is there a powerbank that...
  13. bonka

    Edinburgh without my Mavic battery charger... :(

    So... I grabbed my normally fully stocked photo backpack, soon to discover that I had left my charger behind before going to Scotland. Bummer! I have 70% on one battery and that will at least get me up in the air, but two more batteries would be preferable! Any Mavic pilots in downtown...
  14. OC Fly Boy

    Unsafe Mavic 2 Parallel Charging Hub

    This charger gets really HOT, 146 deg F during full load, ie 3 Mavic 2 batteries + RC + 10" Samsung tablet. Too hot to touch. Worst is that it starts to cycle on/off during charging of the batteries. It's overheating, unsafe and bad for the batteries. I also have the same charger for my Mavic...
  15. H

    Field Chargers Recommendations

    Hi, I am new to this but I was wondering what is the best way and what do i require to charge the Mavic Air batteries in the field, I would like to use the portable 30000 mah usb portable power pack if I could. Thank you
  16. A

    Charging Port

    Is anyone else having issues with the charging hub/ charger in general? Mine will only charge when plugged in to certain outlets (only like 1 in my whole house). Anyone have any ideas?
  17. zachschul22

    PSA: Good deal on a multi-battery charger

    All, Just wanted to let everyone know of a good deal on a 4 battery Mavic Pro charger I got from Amazon through a deal website. Only downside is that you need an account from the deals website below. Heres the link: Code for 50% off the Amazon Price: Upgraded 6 In 1 Rapid Intelligent Multi...
  18. M

    Lightest drone and charger setup

    I am going to be doing a 4 week bike touring trip soon, and am convincing myself that a drone will make this more awesome. I will need to bring the following with me whilst minmising weight and maximising convenience of charging: Drone A way to charge the drone Phone for controller A way to...
  19. S

    Yx charger / power bank: anyone tried it?

    Have anyone any experience with the black Yx battery charger / power bank? After reading some positive feedback about the Yx blue fast charger i went online to get one but stumbled on this other type. It seems to be a battery charger than that also can be used as a power bank. I tried to find...
  20. S

    Smatree DP160 Battery Charging Station Smatree DP160 Battery Charging Station for DJI Mavic Air (Charge up to 5-8 Mavic Air Batteries) Has anyone bought one of these? They look really useful for travel or at home (not for airplanes, 158Wh)