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  1. DiscoverSpain

    Working on the video. Suggestions / criticisms welcome

    Any criticism and / or suggestion is welcome Thanks!
  2. P

    DJI FPV Video shows Choppy in Post Edit in Adobe Premiere

    Have a DJI FPV Drone, I just popped the SD card into my computer and watching the raw footage it is buttery smooth no issues. When I import to PP that's when I get choppy frames/freezing for seconds. If I add audio the audio will continue while the video stays frozen generally. Checked the frame...
  3. D

    Using Premiere Pro

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this
  4. 51 Drones

    Are you a D-Cinelike shooter?

    I’m aware many don’t use D-Cinelike, because they may be intimidated by the editing process. It’s not as difficult as you may think, and it can turn some boring footage into something more interesting!
  5. ZenSamurai

    Mini Editing attempts shot with Mini 2

    After watching Peter McKinnon's video on Luminar AI, I've decided to give it a try on a random picture I had. This is the result. What suggestions would you give me for improving the picture, hit me up. (Apart from the Sun, which I did not try enough to blend in, so I would like it.)
  6. M

    Best Drone Editing Software?

    Hi everyone, new pilot here! Drone: Mavic Air 2 Location: Los Angeles, CA So i just purchased this drone and have flown it a few times already and I love it. In anticipation of the drone i got a new computer -- Dell XPS 15 Laptop computer. My question is, after having fun with the features of...
  7. C

    free music sources?

    Hi all-- Just wondering if anyone can recommend a source of free (or cheap) music clips to use as soundtracks for video. The only things I've found are pricey (as in, $50 a clip). I figure there must be something more reasonable out there. Thanks!
  8. m80116

    Grading it Old school with Movie Studio

    Hello... fellow Mavic Mini pilot here. Grading my footage I've quickly found out that... while I'd truly like to apply LUTs to my videos, I probably couldn't find anything universal that could suit my mood, my scenes, lights and so on. So I resort to manual everything instead. As for the...
  9. C

    4k Videos Won't Import Directly into FCPX

    Hey Guys, I'm a pretty new Mavic 2 Pro owner, and I have a bit of an issue: my 4k, 24fps videos (and higher) won't import directly into FCPX. I've tried different settings, .mov vs .mp4 and everything else I can think of. I'm having doubts now that I'm thinkning about it, but I'm pretty sure...
  10. Planet_Earth

    Editing Software/Apps

    Not sure if this is the best place to place this. I've been taking and making a lot of video and time lapse lately and am looking for a good editor to edit them. I'de something more portable like Filmmaker Pro for the iOS, but I use Android. Earlier I downloaded DaVinci Resolve, but I think...
  11. heo3480

    Drone TIPS for Cinematic Footage

    Drone TIPS for Cinematic Footage optimized for editing in any editing software. These tips will save you some time when editing, as it's better fixed in camera than in post production if even possible. What is your best tip for easy editable footage?
  12. S

    Photo help! Image resolution/DPI question....

    Hello, A realtor that I know approached me and asked to take photos for her real estate listing (on Sotheby's). I did the shoot and now she has had issues uploading the photos to the website. First, the images were to large (10 mb max). I resized the images to get them under 10 mb and it is...
  13. A

    Ground Control LUTs not working

    Hey so I'm new to drones and editing footage so, I'm having this weird issue and I don't know if I'm causing it or if its the LUTs themselves but I bought the GC Falcon2 LUT pack and most of the LUTs aren't changing the Lumetri or the Histogram, I've tried them with different shots but they...
  14. B

    What should I charge for drone services

    Hello fellow pilots, I have my UAV Part 107 license and I want to start advertising my aerial photo and video and editing services. I have one paid gig under my belt that I charged $150.00 for. This included 8 edited video clips and 5 edited photos. I make sure to buy insurance through...
  15. Virgy98

    Which IOS editing video app is that?

    Hello, I’m searching the name of this VHS video recorder 95682062-0F7B-4F97-9451-63B7ED069DA9 — It’s a IOS app. Thank you! Virginia
  16. R

    Drone Only Instagram profile

    Hi all together, I just wanted to share my Drone only Instagram channel and would love to see some of yours if you have any! :) REDBERG (@redberg.stephen) • Instagram photos and videos Also I got a question to NeatVideo does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am a student so 100 € is quite...
  17. SpikeSky


    Gday to all my fello Dronies from all around the World. I just purchased a new app (LumaFusion) for editing experimental footage I have collected on various flying expeditions. Link to their website: and Luma Touch LLC Apps on the App Store , and all the...
  18. H

    Any tips for take AEB stills and panoramas

    I find when i get home I have a lot of pieces to assemble, its a right jigsaw puzzle. If i do a sphere its 47 images if I do AEB its 5 images per shot , and if I do I 180 another bunch. How do people keep track of what fragment of belongs to which shot....especially if you use light room or...
  19. Retrograde

    Impossible to edit 4k@30fps in Premiere Pro CS6

    Hey everyone! Maybe a few of you have experienced that working with 4k video shot on the Mavic can be a headache and I was hoping you could offer me some insight; I'm trying to work with some awesome video I took today with my new Mavic Pro (what a machine) and I've discovered (I'm new to...
  20. A

    Improve Your Editing Skills!!

    Let me know if this helps anybody or if they would like to see some changes to the layout!