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help me please

  1. M

    lost mavic in Leiwen, Mosel, Germany

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I apologize for this first post. You only look for forums when something happened. But I promise to be more around in the future. On Saturday I lost my Mavic. It was a sunny day with only a very small amount of wind. I started with a fully loaded battery, but...
  2. CarsonV123

    Unable to play videos from SD card off mavic air

    Hey guys, So I've done a few flights on my new mavic air (had an amazing time!) and have stored my videos and such on a 64GB microSD in the MavicA. The video cache on my phone (backed up by google photos) gets the los res feed videos and photos on there but when i go get the videos off the SD...
  3. D

    Mavic is always wanting to land

    This just started. Every time I take off, within 5 seconds, it eather returns to home or try’s to land. I don’t know why. Could it have to do with the KP index? Or the sensors? Pls respond!
  4. T

    Return to home calculator

    So I flew my drone today over the ocean being very conscious of the battery and that suggested return to home metre so 4 minute sbegir edit suggested I return home I returned home thinking I was safe but nope 800m out she auto landed into the sea and I was devasted. What is at fault here?? I...
  5. J

    Why wont my micro sd work?

    Hi, I recently purchased my mavic pro and a 256gb samsung micro sd card. The problem is that my sd card wont be recognised by my mavic. I do not think the problem is with the card because it is recognised by my laptop and DSLR, if you have any reasons or solutions to my problems they would be...
  6. P

    Vague ERROR Message

    Hey guys, So I recently crashed my Mavic Pro. Not a bad crash at all, it just got caught in some branches on a bush at about 2 feet high. All it really messed up that I'm aware of is the props which I have replaced since then. The problem I am having since today is when I go to take off I get...
  7. H

    Since I bought my mavic, always crash... so sad

    Dear Mavic Pilots, Since I bought my mavic pro one month ago, I couldn´t fly it, because each try, it takes off, and then drifts to the right, and crashes against the floor. Its been now about 6 times I tried it, and still happens the same. When the Drone arrived from amazon, I made all the set...
  8. Gondeep11

    Help please and possible cause to catastrophic failure today!

    Hello all, I am here looking for some help/advice regarding the complete loss of my week old Mavic. Here is a little backround about the issue as well as my experience. I am hoping to gain a better understanding on what possibly went wrong, in addition from many of the posts I have read along...
  9. E

    Initial setup issues

    Hi all, A new Mavic Pro owner/ pilot. I've been trying to do the initial set-up since yesterday and have a couple of (stupid?) questions - 1) In the DJI Go 4 app (iOS) there's a tab that says "Scan QR code" and then instructs to "Scan the SN QR code on battery compartments or storage box". Do...
  10. B

    Mavic Pro Gimbal completley snapped off

    Hi all, Needing some serious help! SILVER GIMBAL CABLE HAS SNAPPED My friend bought a new DJI Mavic Pro in South Africa. When we were traveling Europe he crashed it from quite a height and felt that he didn't want to (couldn't be bothered) to repair/replace it, The damage that is sustained...
  11. Zelius92

    RC never returned with Mavic after repair (DJI SUCK)

    I had my mavic repaired at the DJI repair facility here in California. In the box that I shipped, I had the damaged drone, propellers, damaged gimbal, and the remote control. I received the Mavic today (March 20th 2017) in the mail, but the remote control was note in the package that was sent...
  12. N

    Transmission and camera Help

    Hello I got my first Mavric today and set it up. I have a phantom 3 professional so I know enough to get into trouble. I first did the firmware updates and all calibrations. I made sure all the connections from the remote to the phone (S7) were secure and went for my first flight. The drone flew...