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  1. Aerial-Pixel

    Mapping With The Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Smart Controller?

    OK Guys, I think we are running into some of the same issues on the Smart Controller as we had with the CrystalSky. Has anyone found any viable mapping apps for the Smart Controller? With some initial tests I did verify that DroneDeploy doesn't work, even if the Android Version supported the M2P...
  2. The realdazzler

    Share your best vertical drone photos

    Use this thread to share your best vertical drone photos If you're like me, you got into drones for their mapping capabilities and for their ability to give 'a bird's eye view'.
  3. Josh Bach

    Drones in Agriculture

    Hi all! Is anyone on here using their mavic for agricultural purposes? I'm trying to find out what I need for commercial and private drainage mapping, as well as NDVI setups for biomass and yield predictions. I have the Mavic 2 Pro Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    How to Ovelay Property/Boundary Lines onto Drone videos?

    Hi. I'm brand new to the drone world. I'm a forester and wildlife consultant that deals with lots of private landowners. Many of those landowners like to have updated aerial maps of their property as often as possible. Is there anyone out there that could give me an idea of where to start...
  5. M

    Mapping in Remote Areas

    I’m looking for the best mapping app and software for use in remote areas without cell coverage. I’ve read many useful discussions about the DroneDeploy and Pixel4d but am still not sure if this will meet my needs and want a solution in place before my next expedition. I will be out of cell...
  6. F

    georeferencing photos

    Interested in calculating acres and using photos for mapping purposes. Is the mavic pro capable of geo-referencing photos or is there software compatible with the mavic pro?
  7. K

    Flight Logs to flylitichi waypoints

    Hi All, I wanted to create a mission in flylitchi based on first doing a manual flight. The scenario is as such - there is a wire that goes around our neighborhood which is about 20 feet above the ground. I need to check that this wire is intact every week, and I currently don't have exact...
  8. C

    Aerial Mapping / Drone Deploy with Mavic Pro

    Hello, Has anyone used the Mavic Pro for aerial mapping? I was going to try to use Drone Deploy but I don't think it has support yet for the Mavic Pro. There was a thread on Drone Deploy about this, but not clear if they're release support for the Mavic Pro yet.
  9. W

    Anyone have experience mapping?

    Future first time drone owner here (Ordered Nov 2) So, Ive obviously been wearing out my computer with searches all things mavic, and have found some programs and companies that have software allowing drone pilots to map out any given area. The first I found was from Maps Made Easy: Maps Made...